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Better Object Builder Wiki

Better Object Builder, or Bob, is a free and open source build system for the IBM i platform that is used to build native "QSYS" objects. It was created by S4i Systems, a leader in Electronic Document Management, to build their own software, and is under active development. It is released under the Apache 2.0 license to the open source community so that others can contribute and benefit.

Why Better Object Builder?

Here's what makes Bob different.

  • Speed. Bob only compiles objects that need recompiling, like from new or changed source code.

  • Reliability. Bob understands the relationships between your objects, so if an item changes, then it and everything depending on it will be rebuilt.

  • Industry standard. Object dependencies are specified using standard makefile syntax, and the actual build engine is GNU Make -- exactly like tens of thousands of Linux and Unix software projects.

  • Flexibility. Most objects defined to Bob typically build using your default values. Have a program that requires a custom activation group or a data area that needs to be created with a certain value? No problem, overriding compile parameters is trivial, and writing custom recipes for special objects is very straightforward. If you can code it, you can build it.

  • Ease of use. Invoking a build of an entire codebase is done with just a single command. Or, if the Rational Developer for i integration pieces are installed, a single button click.

Getting started

Using Better Object Builder

About the project

Send source code to the i and build it with one button press:

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