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Inspired by this wrapper written by 'oipminer'

I (s4w3d0ff) am not affiliated with, nor paid by Poloniex. I have been an active trader there since 2014 and love python. I found the linked python wrapper on the poloniex support page to be incomplete and buggy so I decided to write this wrapper and create this git repository. If you wish to contribute to this repository please read All and any help is appreciated.

Install latest release:

Python 2:

pip install

Python 3:

pip3 install


See the wiki or help(poloniex) for more.

Basic Public Setup (no api Key/Secret):

from poloniex import Poloniex
polo = Poloniex()


# or

Public trade history:


Basic Private Setup (Api key/secret required):

import poloniex
polo = poloniex.Poloniex('your-Api-Key-Here-xxxx','yourSecretKeyHere123456789')
# or
polo.key = 'your-Api-Key-Here-xxxx'
polo.secret = 'yourSecretKeyHere123456789'

Get all your balances

balance = polo.returnBalances()
print("I have %s ETH!" % balance['ETH'])
# or
balance = polo('returnBalances')
print("I have %s BTC!" % balance['BTC'])

Private trade history:


Examples of WAMP applications using the websocket push API can be found here.