Poloniex API wrapper for Python 2.7 & 3
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An API wrapper for Poloniex.com written in Python

poloniex.py - Tested on Python 2.7.12 & 3.5.2

Inspired by this wrapper written by 'oipminer'


  • ApiKey and Secret are optional if used for just public commands.
  • Api Commands have been 'mapped' into methods within the Poloniex class for your convenience.
  • Raises ValueError if the command supplied does not exist or if the api keys are not defined
  • The poloniex.Poloniex() object has an optional 'timeout' attribute/arg that adjusts the number of seconds to wait for a response from polo (default = 3 sec)
  • Optional api 'coach' can restrict the amount of calls per sec, keeping your api calls (that aren't threaded) under the limit (6 calls per sec). Activate the coach using poloniex.Poloniex(coach=True) when creating the polo object or by defining polo._coaching = True.


Python 2:

pip install git+https://github.com/s4w3d0ff/python-poloniex.git

Python 3:

pip3 install git+https://github.com/s4w3d0ff/python-poloniex.git


Python 2:

pip uninstall poloniex

Python 3:

pip3 uninstall poloniex


Basic Public Setup (no ApiKey/Secret):

from poloniex import Poloniex
polo = Poloniex()
# or
Public trade history:

Basic Private Setup (ApiKey/Secret required):

import poloniex
polo = poloniex.Poloniex('your-Api-Key-Here-xxxx','yourSecretKeyHere123456789')
# or
polo.Key = 'your-Api-Key-Here-xxxx'
polo.Secret = 'yourSecretKeyHere123456789'
Get all your balances
balance = polo.returnBalances()
print("I have %s CGA!" % balance['CGA'])
# or
balance = polo('returnBalances')
print("I have %s BTC!" % balance['BTC'])

Extended Setup:

from poloniex import Poloniex
polo = Poloniex('your-Api-Key-Here-xxxx','yourSecretKeyHere123456789', extend=True)

Using extend=True will wrap most of the api commands with more 'meaningful' namespaces.


Examples of WAMP applications using the websocket push API can be found here.

You like?!

CGA: aZ1yHGx4nA64aWMDNQKXJrojso7gfQ1J5P
LTC: LakbntAYrwpVSnLWj1fCLttVzpiDXDa5JV
DOGE: DAQjkQNbhpUoQw7KHAGkDYZ3yySKi751dd