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iTag One

iTag bluetooth devices are perfect gadget for those who used to lose their keys, wallets, phone and remotes. iTag One is its Android companion to relieve anxiety about the important things has gone.

The devices are sold through the lot of online stores for bargain price of $1 or $1.5 and really worthy to spend a buck in exchange of stopping to worry about lost keys or to become angry of not finding a phone.

Getting Started

First the application needs to be installed from Google Play.

The use of iTags with iTag one is as easy as scanning for the new devices with the one click of the on-screen button and remember the discovered device clicking plus button next to the discovered item

The remembered iTag device generally won't require any action or attention while everything is ok.

In case of emergency when the iTag with the keys or wallet attached to it happens to be out of range of 15m(50ft) the Android phone will start buzzle and the image of the itag visually vibrate. This annoying sound can be cancelled in the moment by the single click on the pop up message, device image or even on the real device's button (in case you can grab it faster than a phone). It is possible to shut up the phone with the brown bell button for some period of time - for exmaple if you intentionly left the chained thing.

No less use than anti-lost alarm is a search feature. It often happens one knows the wallet is somewhere near by but can not remember where it is namely. No annoying anymore. Just click the iTag image and the real iTag device will start buzz - letting no a human do not event start to become nervious. Needless to say it works vice-versa: double clicking on real iTag device makes the phone to ring cleary pointing out where it is. From our experience having a phone with installed iTag One and at least 2 iTag devices turns the life to be much more happy than it used to be before.

One may wonder why it is necessary to double click the device in order to search the smartphone. The answer is simple - we tested the application a lot in real life and noticed there are lot of accident device button clicks causing annoying loud signal.


  • Alarm on a device out of range with the sound and pop up notification
  • Search the things attached to an iTag device (keys, wallet, etc) from the smarthone
  • Search a smarthone from any iTag device
  • Up to 4 iTag devices can be remembered
  • iTag image animation to show of which iTag devices is acting
  • Connect/Disconnect the device by horizontal fling (may be needed if the real iTag device seems to hung)
  • RSSI indicators shows signal strength and make provide rough idea about how far the lost device is
  • Label the device
  • Set device color
  • Show last seen position on Google Map


The application is completely free and has no ads. It would be enough to rate it on the Google Play if you'd think we did a good job.

Moreover the application is open source and nobody is prevented from use it with only providing the references to S4Y site.

Privace Policy

We gather info about the possible crashes and misbehaviour and send it to Google servers. We got technical info like phone model but we got no personal info like a number, account or IMEI.


iTag tracker manager for real people





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