Send radiation data from granzscientific geiger counter to the APRS network.
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granzscientific-geiger-counter-APRS + Munin plugin

This scripts will read data from granzscientific geiger counter ( and push it to the APRS network.

  1. Install original Software. Follow this instructions:

  2. Move to the PiZeroGeigerCounter/pi-software/ directory.

chmod +x
  1. Run at reboot.
crontab -e
@reboot cd /path/to/PiZeroGeigerCounter/pi-software/; python &
  1. Start, it will start automatically at reboot next time.
./ &
  1. Edit to your own specifications. Run it every 3 minutes with crontab. Don't set it to 1 minute because APRS network will consider it as spam and your IP will get blocked.
crontab -e
*/3 * * * * cd /path/to/PiZeroGeigerCounter/pi-software/; bash

alt text

  1. This is optionally, non APRS related. You can install Munin monitoring tool and install radiation plugin. It will plot daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs of the radiation. Installation and configuration of the Munin is beyond the scope of this project. Get the plugin:
cd /etc/munin/plugins/
chmod +x munin-radiation-sh

alt text