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Inferential Approaches for Network Analysis: AMEN for Latent Factor Models


Shahryar Minhas, Peter D. Hoff, & Michael D. Ward


We introduce a Bayesian approach to conduct inferential analyses on dyadic data while accounting for interdependencies between observations through a set of additive and multiplicative effects (AME). The AME model is built on a generalized linear modeling framework and is thus flexible enough to be applied to a variety of contexts. We contrast the AME model to two prominent approaches in the literature: the latent space model (LSM) and the exponential random graph model (ERGM). Relative to these approaches, we show that the AME approach is a) to be easy to implement; b) interpretable in a general linear model framework; c) computationally straightforward; d) not prone to degeneracy; e) captures 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order network dependencies; and f) notably outperforms ERGMs and LSMs on a variety of metrics and in an out-of-sample context. In summary, AME offers a straightforward way to undertake nuanced, principled inferential network analysis for a wide range of social science questions.

Replication Instructions

Follow instructions in dataverseRepl directory. Any questions should be addressed to Shahryar Minhas.

Publication Outlet

Forthcoming in Political Analysis


Comparison of network based approaches



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