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[AE/Pulseaudio] use xbmc gui audio device for skin/menu sound playbac…

…k and stream audio playback
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commit 521da3d2558c6b709fa3a88d6bd4664c3e6297d8 1 parent 44eda77
@s7mx1 authored
19 xbmc/cores/AudioEngine/Engines/PulseAE/PulseAE.cpp
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
#include <pulse/pulseaudio.h>
#include <pulse/simple.h>
#include "guilib/LocalizeStrings.h"
+#include "settings/GUISettings.h"
/* Static helpers */
static const char *ContextStateToString(pa_context_state s)
@@ -353,7 +354,7 @@ static void SinkInfo(pa_context *c, const pa_sink_info *i, int eol, void *userda
CStdString desc, sink;
desc.Format("%s (PulseAudio)", i->description);
- sink.Format("pulse:%s@default", i->name);
+ sink.Format("%s", i->name);
sinkStruct->list->push_back(AEDevice(desc, sink));
CLog::Log(LOGDEBUG, "PulseAudio: Found %s with devicestring %s", desc.c_str(), sink.c_str());
@@ -375,7 +376,7 @@ void CPulseAE::EnumerateOutputDevices(AEDeviceList &devices, bool passthrough)
sinkStruct.list = &devices;
CStdString def;
def.Format("%s (PulseAudio)",g_localizeStrings.Get(409).c_str());
- devices.push_back(AEDevice(def, "pulse:default@default"));
+ devices.push_back(AEDevice(def, "default"));
SinkInfo, &sinkStruct), m_MainLoop, "EnumerateAudioSinks");
@@ -409,4 +410,18 @@ void CPulseAE::SetMute(const bool enabled)
m_muted = enabled;
+ Return audio device name set within XBMC GUI. If passthrough is set to true
+ audio passthrough device name will be returned.
+const char* CPulseAE::GetAudioDevice(bool passthrough)
+ std::string m_outputDevice;
+ if (passthrough)
+ m_outputDevice = g_guiSettings.GetString("audiooutput.passthroughdevice");
+ else
+ m_outputDevice = g_guiSettings.GetString("audiooutput.audiodevice");
+ return m_outputDevice.c_str();
1  xbmc/cores/AudioEngine/Engines/PulseAE/PulseAE.h
@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ class CPulseAE : public IAE
virtual void SetMute(const bool enabled);
virtual bool IsMuted() { return m_muted; }
virtual void SetSoundMode(const int mode) {}
+ static const char* GetAudioDevice(bool passthrough);
fritsch added a note

You use this as a std::string the whole time, what do you really need here, const char* or std::string?

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virtual bool SupportsRaw() { return true; }
7 xbmc/cores/AudioEngine/Engines/PulseAE/PulseAESound.cpp
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
#include "PulseAESound.h"
+#include "PulseAE.h"
fritsch added a note

Yeah there is no real Sink right now, so the sound has to know the engine. This should not be like this, if there would be a Sink that knows what it should play and is properly initialized...

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#include "AEFactory.h"
#include "Utils/AEUtil.h"
#include "utils/log.h"
@@ -138,7 +139,11 @@ void CPulseAESound::Play()
m_maxVolume = CAEFactory::GetEngine()->GetVolume();
pa_volume_t paVolume = CAEUtil::PercentToPulseVolume((double)(m_volume * m_maxVolume));
- m_op = pa_context_play_sample(m_context, m_pulseName.c_str(), NULL, paVolume, NULL, NULL);
+ std::string m_outputDevice = CPulseAE::GetAudioDevice(false);
fritsch added a note

m_something are class fields.

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+ if (m_outputDevice == "default")
+ m_op = pa_context_play_sample(m_context, m_pulseName.c_str(), NULL, paVolume, NULL, NULL);
+ else
+ m_op = pa_context_play_sample(m_context, m_pulseName.c_str(), m_outputDevice.c_str(), paVolume, NULL, NULL);
15 xbmc/cores/AudioEngine/Engines/PulseAE/PulseAEStream.cpp
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
#include "PulseAEStream.h"
+#include "PulseAE.h"
fritsch added a note

Same as above

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#include "AEFactory.h"
#include "Utils/AEUtil.h"
#include "Utils/AEUtil.h"
@@ -64,6 +65,8 @@ CPulseAEStream::CPulseAEStream(pa_context *context, pa_threaded_mainloop *mainLo
m_channelLayout = channelLayout;
m_options = options;
+ bool m_passthrough = false;
m_DrainOperation = NULL;
m_slave = NULL;
@@ -156,6 +159,8 @@ CPulseAEStream::CPulseAEStream(pa_context *context, pa_threaded_mainloop *mainLo
pa_format_info_set_channels (info[0], m_SampleSpec.channels);
pa_format_info_set_sample_format(info[0], m_SampleSpec.format);
m_Stream = pa_stream_new_extended(m_Context, "audio stream", info, 1, NULL);
+ if (!info[0]->encoding == PA_ENCODING_PCM)
+ m_passthrough = true;
m_Stream = pa_stream_new(m_Context, "audio stream", &m_SampleSpec, &map);
@@ -178,7 +183,14 @@ CPulseAEStream::CPulseAEStream(pa_context *context, pa_threaded_mainloop *mainLo
- if (pa_stream_connect_playback(m_Stream, NULL, NULL, (pa_stream_flags)flags, &m_ChVolume, NULL) < 0)
+ int pa_state;
+ std::string m_outputDevice = CPulseAE::GetAudioDevice(m_passthrough);
+ if (m_outputDevice == "default")
+ pa_state = pa_stream_connect_playback(m_Stream, NULL, NULL, (pa_stream_flags)flags, &m_ChVolume, NULL);
+ else
+ pa_state = pa_stream_connect_playback(m_Stream, m_outputDevice.c_str(), NULL, (pa_stream_flags)flags, &m_ChVolume, NULL);
+ if (pa_state < 0)
CLog::Log(LOGERROR, "PulseAudio: Failed to connect stream to output");
@@ -209,6 +221,7 @@ CPulseAEStream::CPulseAEStream(pa_context *context, pa_threaded_mainloop *mainLo
m_Initialized = true;
CLog::Log(LOGINFO, "PulseAEStream::Initialized");
+ CLog::Log(LOGINFO, " Sink Output : %s", m_outputDevice.c_str());
fritsch added a note

Stream and Sound should just play, no matter they know which device is currently used. Now you make a lot of work at points where it should not be. We have the PulseAE already, that could manage this for us.

fritsch added a note

It is okay to include the stuff from above as you have to know some things about Audio Setup and so on - but device selection should be done either more up in Engine or way more down in the Sink directly. We can talk on irc if you want.

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CLog::Log(LOGINFO, " Sample Rate : %d", m_sampleRate);
CLog::Log(LOGINFO, " Sample Format : %s", CAEUtil::DataFormatToStr(m_format));
CLog::Log(LOGINFO, " Channel Count : %d", m_channelLayout.Count());

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What's your irc details?


just fritsch on freenode.

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