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⚠️ This release contains API changes. See docs/Internals/API_changes.md for a description. ⚠️

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  • 0239f7e06 Added AllowAll rules generator
  • 76c01d93b MediaEmbed: added support for Amazon India
  • afe63fc05 RulesGenerator: added BlockElementsCloseFormattingElements to default generators


  • d94ef970f Configurator: removed addHTML5Rules() and integrated it in finalize()
  • 3e9a48fe1 Configurator: removed the finalizeParser and finalizeRenderer options from finalize()
  • 599a21548 Configurator: removed the optimizeConfig option from finalize()
  • c20153268 Configurator: removed the returnParser and returnRenderer options from finalize()
  • 77f96dfe8 RulesGenerator: removed support for parentHTML option
  • 4d3370389 Ruleset: removed defaultChildRule() and defaultDescendantRule()
  • 65c910a20 TemplateInspector: removed isIframe()


  • f5f176c8c Utils: fixed removeTag() failing with arbitrarily high values


  • 4b05c5233 Autoimage: reversed tag priority to allow Autolink to linkify the image
  • a4862b55e Autovideo: explicitly allow URL tags to be used as fallback
  • 9970de5da Internals: increased the default limits for tags and other resources
  • c31a802d1 MediaEmbed: explicitly allow URL tags to be used as fallback
  • 2d3cc9ba9 MediaEmbed: limit the width of dynamically-sized embeds to 100%
  • a2dba6ee0 MediaEmbed: reorganized template generation for readability
  • a58a52a34 MediaEmbed: updated Amazon
  • a7088bd48 MediaEmbed: updated Amazon
  • 4fc5fbda2 MediaEmbed: updated Getty
  • 2074eeabc MediaEmbed: updated Google Drive
  • 6b26c91cd MediaEmbed: updated Vidme
  • 608840ec2 MediaEmbed: use span as responsive wrapper
  • 15f65327a Rules: the default rule for tags is now deny. allowDescendant and denyDescendant now only apply to non-child descendant