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spaced repetition program
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chop chop

(This is very WIP)

chop chop is a spaced repetition program. You can enter information in the form of question-and-answer pairs that will be prompted at highly customizable times in the future.

The most fundamental concept in chop chop is a connection - a fact paired with a question prompting for it. These can be written in markdown syntax and use images.

A common problem with spaced repetition programs is the failure to recall something outside of the program. Human memory is highly contextual and a different formulation of the question can easily cause a failure to recall the associated information. Because of that, it's recommended to have a multitude of connections for the same underlying information. Chop chops groups bundle those and use the underlying similarity for the timing of its prompts.

The timing of the prompts is up to the user. You can repeat the same time interval since last review, use relative changes (e.g. +10%), absolute changes (e.g. +1 day) or set absolute values (e.g. review in 2 days). This is different from other programs that use quite complicated algorithms to determine the optimal time for the next review. While that sounds good in theory, in practice I much prefer the manual way. It's much less complicated and you can easily apply the intervals you feel are optimal.


The program writes a config.json file on the first start that can be used to change some behavior.

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