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Notifications about SVN commits that fit customizable criteria
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This tiny python program lets you stalk on your colleagues SVN submissions. It scans new svn commits for criteria specified in a json file. When something matches, a little notification pops up.


It auto-generates a settings.json file on the first start where you can specify the delay between checks in seconds, the repository url and the text for the notification. Also there's a list of conditions, either of type author (matches author name) or path (matches every file/directory path of the commit)

    "repository": "http://srv001/svn",
    "interval": 30,
    "notification_title": "new relevant commit",
    "conditions": [
            "author": "s9w"
            "path": "some_path/project"

Assumes svn is installed. Besides a Python 3, it requires win10toast and svn packages.

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