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Serendipity 2.4-beta1

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@onli onli released this 12 Sep 14:02
· 141 commits to master since this release

This is a beta release with a couple bigger changes and many small fixes, but most notably support for PHP 8. Some changes are:

  • Support for PHP 8 in the core, as well as core plugins and themes
  • When using MySQL or MariaDB serendipity will try to use the utf8mb4 charset, instead of the incomplete utf8 charset implementation.
  • Split date and time input in editor into two input fields with browser supported input types
  • Update buttons in dashboard and plugin section will show a notification about available plugin updates
  • Multiple fixes to the multilanguage system
  • Improved logic for which thumbnails should be used with responsively scaled images

We would love to get feedback from our users. This release was tested thoroughly, but it is still a first beta and with the bigger code changes than usual it might also contain more bugs than usual. Please do test it even in production environments if you need PHP 8, but have a current backup - including the database - before installing it.

(MD5: 3eabb22b14e868aca9a3bb4c7824e2f7)