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0.34: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
0.33: Added serendipity_request_url API method
0.32: Compatibility check for Serendipity 2+
0.31: Adapted backend markup for 2.0 backend (yellowled)
0.30: Smarty3 forward compatibility
0.29: By default now store aggregated entries with a "no flattr" attribute
0.26: Add ability to display feeds within a template (see inline documentation
of the PHP file)
0.24: Add SimplePie as an option for the parser. (by Oliof)
* Add option to decide whether entries are published or drafted
* Add support to suppress markup plugins for aggregated entries
0.20: Fixed issue when aggregator is used and caching option of entryprops is
0.3: Added MagpieRSS support [allows to parse Atom feeds] by Claus Schmidt
<> [GPL library -- dual licensing of this plugin. BSD if
using Onyx]
0.11: Fixed htmlspecialchars escaping of OPML urls (garvinhicking)
0.10: Introduced OPML feed export (garvinhicking)