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* Added serendipity_request_url API method
* Use native API method parseTemplate() (only)
* Adapted backend markup for 2.0 backend, needs more with real tests.
* Fixed wysiwyg button link creator
sets temporary image path deprecated (0.73)
* Use nativ API method here - extends S9y version >= 1.3
* fixed some tpl errors
latest (0.73):
added CKEDITOR ready eventData image path
latest (0.71):
Update to 2011-08-01 version of Amazon Product Advertising API
Added Spain, Italy and China server endpoints
Thanks to Luis Sieira for help and for the Spanish translation!
Version .6
Smarty3 forward compatibility
Version .59
Added serendipity_event_amazonchooser_devinfo hook for the amazon sidebar.
Version .58
Fix CSS hook code to respect templates.
Version .57
Update plugin to use serendipity_rewriteurl() for urls. Apparently I missed a rewrite url somewhere.
Version .56
Update Amazon_s9y_lib.php to remove unnecessary variables.
Update serendipity_event_amazonchooser.css to have style for the amazon sidebar plugin.
Version .55
Introduced event hook for integration, consolidated/simplified Amazon_s9y_lib.php to only be called by this plugin. This plugin will become a requirement for other amazon plugins.
Version .54
Compatibility fix for PHP 4. Need to pass by reference for preg_replace_callback (apparently). Also fixed a function declaration in Amazon_s9y_lib.php that had an unused variable. Thanks to Christoph Gassmann for both fixes.
Version .53
Fix for cache timing. PEAR Cache Lite lifetime setting is in seconds. That makes a slight difference in cache performance.
Also updated Amazon lib to format aperature and focal length if set.
Version .52
Fix for caching folders.
Version .51
Near complete rewrite to adhere to Amazon's new TOS.
Plugin supports signed Amazon requests, which means it now requires users to register a developer account with Amazon (see documentation_en.html for details).
Plugin uses Smarty templating (usable in templates)
Plugin uses two levels of cache to speed processing
Plugin supports more information from Amazon, including prices