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1.1.8: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
1.1.7: Fix beta-version upgrade by using github-archive path and making the
file detection more reliable
* When curl download could not be tried, detect this as fail
* Improve error messages if update can't be downloaded
* Don't check checksums for beta
* Check for broken existing zip file
* Set new requirement for PHP 5.2+
* Check into github repository from now on
* Remove dashboard plugin dependency with >= 2.0
1.1.3: Fix bug when trying to download with cURL
1.1.2: some fixes for 2.0
1.1.1: (html)specialchars for PHP 5.4 charset changes
1.1: Translated and faked message unicode-icons to Chrome Browser, since this
does not work with all native unicodes (like clock and triangled <!>).
1.0: Enable flush to work on FastCGI servers
0.9: Check if ZIP extension is installed and loaded
0.8: Use native API method serendipity_db_escape_string()
0.7: Added on error RELOAD note
* Added install by USERLEVEL_ADMIN only
* changed some lang <en> <de> Constants; this also removed the
experimental status
0.5: View and follow upgrade process
* Fixed checksums var
* Enhanced cleanTemplatesC()
* Added some debug and process messages
0.3: Compatibility fixes [brockhaus]
* Fixed: Didn't create new directories which were part of the new version
* Fixed: Choked on new files of the new version which didn't exist
in the old version
* Clean cachefiles in templates_c just before the upgrade to prevent
* Fixed call-by-reference-warning in php 5.3
* Added checksum-test prior to unpacking to kind of authenticate
the update
* Added checksum-test after unpacking to check the integrity