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* Fix encoding issue in cheatsheet help plugin
* Rename plugin title to CKEditor Plus
* Fix and add lang of Scayt and wsc (web spell checker) option,
since the old Serendipity lang WYSIWYG_LANG defines did not work here.
* Fixed UPGRADE fallback issue. To simplify this approach, we now
force the script to redirect directly into the config on each
CKEditor upgrade request.
In case of using the Serendipity UPDATE ALL 1-click ajax-upgrader,
this redirection is disabled and you have to force the extraction
yourself in the config.
* Disabled the temporary runtime solution to downgrade version for
the harmonization of plugin and lib versions, which came in March
2016 with this plugins "old" 5.7.0.x version (see below).
* Unset serendipity_event_plugup cookies if plugup class exists
* Update lang constants and really force a halt for the upgrade config fallback!
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.5. Series, update 10 (
* Changed upgrade hint for lang files lang_<en> and lang_<de>
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.5. Series, update 9 (
* Remove accidently added Thumbs.db file
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.5. Series, update 8 (
* Bugfix: Fix prior version not being set one up
* Set prior and current version in pluginlist table
* Bugfix: Next try to downgrade version in the database
* Allow the font awesome i(con) tag markup which also needed a little more
care in procurator (plugin) to prevent kursive replacements.
* Some minor internal cleanup and modernising.
* The Plugin versioning will change to to follow ckeditor versioning
with next update!!
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.5. Series, update 7 (
* Allow the Serendipity 2.0+ autosave(r) to work with this plugin textarea instances,
if set in "Personal Preferences" by option!
Please hard refresh your browsers in your next editor instance once,
to really get the changed file!
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.5. Series, update 6 (
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.5. Series, update 5 (
* Append frontend CSS to the end of eventData stream
* Allow video and source tag attributes in extraAllowedContent
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.5. Series, update 4 (
* Disable Smarty like Code protection, since not in need any more
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.4 Series, update 8 (
* IE css fix for option re-enable cke built-in image toolbar button
* Add allow <span*> tag to extraAllowedContent
* Set autoParagrah to false, to not set wrapping P tags to the extraAllowedContent
content tags, when switching the editor mode or saving.
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.4 Series, update 7 (
* Introduce new config option to re-enable the CKE built-in image toolbar button.
This is not recommended to do, but there may be people in need.
In Serendipity 2.0 development, we discovered CKEDITOR storing htmlentities
to the database, which is ok normally, but does not work for search request results.
We have now disabled config.entities and config.htmlEncodeOutput for the editor,
to strictly let S9y handle this.
The not catched search results did only happen to Umlauts or specialized chars!
If you really are subjected to this for previous entries stored by this plugin editor,
you will have to call and re-submit these entries again. Sorry!
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.4 Series, update 6 (
* Introduce frontend_header hook to separate styles from javascript
* Introduce WYSIWYG_LANG constant to check corresponding CKEDITOR lang files
* Introduce S9y 2.0-beta6 PHP 5.4 LANG_CHARSET wrapper changes for htmlspecialchars()
* The preset toolbars now hide the CKE image widget per css, but keep its internal
functionality for the image placements via the S9y MediaLibrary button.
* Touched some lang files.
* Moved custom codesnippet css into highlight.css
* Reset cached js configuration files on submit changes by timestamp
* Renamed some global js vars
As ever: Hard reload your browser by [CTRL]-[r] to avoid caching
on first run in a Serendipity backend textarea
* Fix 2.0 MediaLibrary popup command
* Better str baseurl replacement for amazonchooser nugget
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.4 Series, update 5 (
* This package is a full ckeditor release package now.
* Manually added plugins are:
- dependency plugins widget and lineutils
- codesnippet, which replaces the previously used pbckcode plugin
This new code plugin has by default more code types, does not
need any CDN, and uses less ressources being better integrated.
But it uses a different highlighter js file (hightlight.pack.js).
* Changed option prettify to be a compat mode only option for ugraders
having used pbckcode code previously for entries.
This also adds some missed prettify linenums css rules.
* Added option to choose preset toolbars (Basic, Standard, Full)
* Touched some lang files.
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.4 Series, update 4 (
* Added important global wide image (img) sizing rules to wysiwyg-styles.css.
* Completely remove(d) the KCfinder package, due to strong security concerns.
This update will remove the package completely from file tree.
If that does not happen automatically, please purge the kcfinder directory by hand!
This does not touch the previously used MediaLibrary KCfinder /uploads/images directory.
* Update pbckcode plugin to v.1.2.3, which among others now fetches ACE via a CDN!
See PBCKCODE (PRETTIFY) configuration in cke_config.js.
Added a pre wrap modification to the prettify.css file:
pre.prettyprint{ ...;white-space:pre;overflow:auto;}
* Removed obsolete utf-8/lang_<en> file and touched some lang files.
* Added some SpellChecker Notes to custom config js file.
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.4 Series, update 3 (
* Added important serendipity_imageComment_center class to wysiwyg-styles.css
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.4 Series, update 2 (
* Plugin procurator update to support imageselectorplus quickblog hook.
* Changed the procurator placeholder image.
* Changed image url of Serendipity hooked-to-toolbar plugins
(linktrimmer, amazonchooser), while these have been updated.
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.4 Series. update 1 (
* Reviewed protectedSource to allow WP-like [[mytag]] tags in cke_config.js
* Enhance extraAllowedContent tags in cke_config.js
* Add Serendipity image float CSS to wysiwyg-mode view, by new file wysiwyg-style.css
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.3 Series, update 4 (
* Enhance allowed content tags in cke_config.js
3.3.1: Properly use the example() API method by returning, not echo'ing. Unimportant update.
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.3 Series, update 3 (
* Moved styles to files and changed icon-font minors
* Be a little more verbose in the dependencies note
* "Fixed" MediaLibrary img tag code implementation in case of responsive templates
* Fixed ACF still touching img code parts; when OFF
* Fixed procurator placeholder plugin, since CKE core 4.3.2
broke prior behaviour with mediainsert code parts
* Upgrade to CKEDITOR 4.3 Series, update 2
* Added new cheatsheet plugin
* Fixed MediaLibrary insert code to be left untouched by ACF
* Better workflow between nuggets and entry textareas
* Reverted internal audio procurator protection
* Added nl2br config note
* Fixed config option to disable the codebutton plugin.
* Due to some server compat constraints, marked by the KCFINDER homepage,
a new config option was set, to enable KCFINDER integration by user only.
NOTE: This changes the previous enabled KCFINDER integration to disabled!!
* To better document KCFINDER and ACF some en/de lang file constants changed
* Chrome Browser does not really work with KCFINDER on domains like "localhost"
or other dotless local domain names. Please disable use for Chrome on local servers!
* Some fixes to force zip install on demand method and some compat issues
* Some tweaks to en, de lang files.
* Fixed force_install to set new values to database config table.
* Fixed Spartacus upgrade 'plugin_to_conf' again, by using 'external_plugin' hook,
which now forces a real HTTP request and falls down to plugins instance config.
The previous (2.3.2) 'install_plugin' did do, but created another plugin instance.
If you were hit by this, please just purge other ckeditor instances in your plugin list.
To push to "all" upgraders, the zip version num was bumped to force a deflate.
[PLEASE NOTE: For Upgraders coming from 2.3.1 and earlier, the upgrade zip effect
may possibly happen on next future upgrade only, thus force the zip upgrade by the
new 'force_install' emergency option, if not happen automatically.]
* Added config option to force zip install on demand,
which is easier than purge/install routines on zip upgrade failures
* Fix and prepare installer fallback on upgrades
* Added HTML5 AUDIO tag protected source rule and be catched by
procurator placeholder, to exclude from being touched by ACF
* Fixed Chrome Browser Exception
* Fixed installer fallback on upgrades
* Check if zip extension loaded
* Removed most of the inline code into 2 new files, which are:
cke_config.js - the custom config.js file, which now substitutes every config option to CKE
cke_plugin.js - the render and add button/plugin file, which loads the custom config file and now renders all backend textareas.
* To take care about placed javascript, smarty tags and other protected source tags (like 'mediainsert' by imageselectorplus galleries),
the new 'procurator' CKEDITOR Plugin (s9y-specific) was added, which acts like a hidden event plugin
and takes care for the placeholder wysiwyg-mode replacements.
* In order to be able to place prettified code snippets into entries, the
'pbckcode' CKEDITOR Plugin was added (v 1.1.0,
Including local prettify (js/css) by (current version,
* Updated 'mediaembed' CKEDITOR Plugin, which removed a useless loop, issue #6
* Fixed 'backend_plugins_update' update hook to config fallback
* Updated CKEDITOR Library to version 4.2.3
* Changed en/de lang notes to state the current changes
* Better workflow between nuggets and entry textareas
* Fixed mediainsert galleries with imageselectorplus (extends to v.0.33)
* (Better workflow between nuggets and entry textareas - reverted)
* changed lang files revision message to be automatically set
* Fixed bug not showing media library button, if not using other hooked-in plugins (thanks to ICE)
* Fixed bug not proceeding image button path correctly, with non_rewrite_mode sites (thanks to ICE)
* Enhanced old (multiple) zip file removement
* Added mediaembed (see media icon) CKEDITOR Plugin, to not need to turn off ACF Filter for iframed media items
* Added new Serendipity 1.7.1 'backend_plugins_update' update hook to trigger installation deflating routines on upgrades
* Updated CKEDITOR Library to version 4.1.3
* Added additional lang notes for manually added CKEDITOR-Plugin placements in the config
* Added Serendipity Media Library
* Fixed bug in upgrade check
* Update to CKEDITOR 4.1.2, 2013, June 10
* Added Plugin option to set ACF off (default false)