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1.10: Added legal gdpr/dsgvo info
* Fix Adress for Twitter JS-Script to avoid broken security chain when using https.
* Added serendipity_request_url API method
Version 1.06
* Add ability to formular custom comment texts.
Version 1.05
* Delete old configuration entries that have moved to the spambee in order to not confuse 2k11
Version 1.04
* Only show CommentSpice elements if in article view (not in contact form i.e.).
Version 1.03
* Optional allow the commentor to announce a single article only once per page.
* "Choose article" was displayed in the language of the last user who triggered RSS fetching.
* Announce description will be hidden, if nothing is left to announce.
* Made it better work with 2k11 "out of the box".
Version 1.02
* Removed all antispam related and put it into a new plugin "Spamblock Bee".
Version 1.01
* Preview of a comment is "spiced" now, too.
* Preview comment is not loosing article promotion selection anymore.
* The twitter input is remembered now the same way the other inputs are (was not working for preview).
* The article selector was not hiding again on invalid URLs (only clearing options).
* The internal styling of the article selector is optional now.
* Removed spice from admins comment editor.
* Added some css / templating fixes proposed by @yellowled. Thanks!
* 2k11 commentform.tpl patchfile changed. Please update if you use it!