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0.38: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
0.37: Optimize URI args load
[Version 0.36 2016/08/22] by Ian
* Fix some frontend styles mainly for 2k11
[Version 0.35 2016/08/06] by Ian
* Fix category purge and hide showing up
[Version 0.34 2016/07/26] by Ian
* Add genpage hook for nice url rewriting
[Version 0.33 2016/07/20] by Ian
* Set basename() to md_basename() because of locale-aware PHP bug
[Version 0.32 2016/07/18] by Ian
* Improved filedir read iteration to PHP SPL Iterator, because of errors.
* In ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 (recommended) environments we now support encoded filenames.
* Some more fixes related to these changes and other false or unconsistent usage.
* Some more minor 2.0 enhancements.
* Remove conversion to new archives location with version 0.24. Six years is enough!
(Improved some lang constant vars for this.)
[Version 0.31 2016/05/09] by Ian
* Replaced the old method for generating random strings, which was broken with current PHP versions
* Some Serendipity 2.0x optimizing - changed requirement version
* Set Plugin consistencies
* Use lang API - extends required version
* Append CSS, not prepend
Propagate $smarty.env.staticpage_pagetitle (and the others) so that it can be used in entries.tpl
latest: Smarty3 forward compatibility
[Version 0.26 2011/02/15] by Ian
- changed smarty->fetch method call to be less strict to support smarty 2 to smarty3 parameter order change - removed param 4
- added restrict backend functionality and administration sidebar link to admin only
- fixed show Data for registered Users only in frontent tpls if set to true in config
- added serendipity_db_bool() to $this->get_config('registered_only')
[Version 0.25.1 2010/10/20] by Ian
- fixed Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated since PHP 5.3.x
- added @silencer to mkdir and xhtml to <hr> tag in if($coname == 'absincomingpath') echo '<hr />';
[Version 0.25 2010/09/23] by Ian
- fixed wrong path error, when copying a file from a s9y media library subfolder to selected category (0.25b only)
- changed minor details in lang files and frontend filelist.tpl and filedetails.tpl
- added rename file ability in backends single file edit page (this added a new Constant to lang files too)
- changed 0.25 beta version of all new backend templates and their stylesheet, to contain a contemporary new look & feel under the hood (based and designed by YellowLed, thank you!)
- changed header part on backends subpages, which now has a point back to root and to previous level, if any
- changed root level db setting to be unhidden by now - this does not change the behaviour of showing cats without root level, but makes access to it more easy
- added new s9y media library import icon
- fixed some possible bugs and/or inconvenient behaviour, which may have been in 0.24 too
- added smarty backend array names to be unique in global blog context - read list in backend.dlm.index.tpl
- added a complete smarty template to backend, which caused multiple changes in plugins code
[Version 0.24 2010/08/26] by Ian
- added new config setting: 'intro', to have some more introduction text before frontend content (optional)
- added ics mime icon
- changed frontend templates, frontend.css and download mime icons to show up refreshed in a new contemporary look (designed by YellowLed, thank you!)
- changed downloadmanagers file path again to '/serendipty/archives/.dlm/files' and '/serendipty/archives/.dlm/ftpin' which seems to be
the best place, dealing with files to come in and go out. The /uploads directory threw a problem with the media library and the
/templates_c directory is cleaned up directly by users in some cases. After contacting Garvin about this issues, he came up with
the /archives folder. I tried to automate the process of switching all files to the new folders and 0.24s new config settings.
If you encounter any problems with it, please move your files manually. If you get a link to inform the plugin, please follow.
A next reload will set configs 'chg2archivespath' to true.
From now on these directories are not customizable any more and hidden in the downloadmanagers config settings.
- changed some more plugin cleanup, code optimizing, function sallying, general refactoring
- changed the frontend files and category templates to be as much smarty based as possible by now
- added Smarty var 'dlm_is_registered' to all three frontend templates
- added new config setting, show categories and downloads in frontend to this blogs registered and logged in users only (default: false)
- added and changed some backend icons (switched the ugly ones to some famfamfam_silk_icons)
- changed the frontend.css and backend.css files to support multiple html code changes, which still is a work in progress
- added the possibility to clean up the income (ftp/trash) folder immediately via trashbox button
- changed the usability of income folder. Now it is used as a trash/temp folder for multiple erased (moved) files also!
- added a foldable downloadmanager helptip
- changed and added lang files constants <en>, <de> and <de-utf8>
- changed arrangement of plugins functions to be more clear and flexible and to support future enhancements
- changed dlm_functions.js to support mark/unmark functionality
- added mark and move all selected files in income folder to current folder
- added mark and erase all selected files in category and move them to the income (ftp/trash) folder to avoid unintentional destroying
[Version 0.23.1 2010/08/16] by Ian
- Version bump to support belatedly added files (v.0.23) in CVS spartacus download.
[Version 0.23 2010/08/11] by Ian
- added root level file appearance in backend (fixed: moved files to root level did not show up)
The frontend did/does not show root level files, which isn't really a bug, while it is a feature (by now) ;-)
- changed dlm file work behaviour to support root level files too (please report, if you experience some unusual behaviour)
- added download file button to backend
- changed 'dlmanager/incoming' folder path to '.dlmanager/incoming', (effects new installations only!)
so it does not appear when the plugin presents the media gallery values
(if have, erase uploads/'dlmanager' folder yourself, next time you upload the new one will be created)
- fixed download of files with spaces in filename to have replaced spaces (_)
- added the missing style_dlmanager_frontend.css to CVS
- added style_dlmanager_backend.css to support future dlm backend templates
- added dlm_functions.js to support future dlm backend javascript - using foldable div containers by now
- added some missing closing divs - hopefully all of them at the right place
[Version 0.221 2010/08/09] by Ian
- Fix: Wrong fallback-dir when no config was set.
[Version 0.22 2010/08/08] by Ian
- changed upload folder to 'serendipity/uploads/dlmanager/incoming' (effects new installations only!)
- changed download folder to 'serendipity/templates_c/.dlmanager/files' (effects new installations only!)
- added missing mkdir of directories using the recursive mkdir function added with PHP 5.0.0
- fixed is_dir($handle) bug and warning (onli)
- added the ability to have a very own plugin stylesheet with some very minor values to start with
- changed the frontend tpls to support these changes
[Version 0.21 2009/08/25]
- PHP 5.3 compatibility, split() is deprecated
# (c) 2005 by Alexander 'dma147' Mieland,, <>
# Contact me on IRC in #linux-stats, #archlinux,, #s9y on
[Version 0.20 2007/10/26]
- transparent images (thanks to ICE!)
- changed download.gif to download.png for better
trancparency results (thanks to Don Chambers!)
[Version 0.19 2007/09/07] brockhaus
- Added file description to filelist as option
- Added direct download in filelist as option
- Added CSS classes to the filelist display.
- Description supports text linebreak
- Translated missing parts of german language file
- added mp3 image
[2005/09/21] dma147
- released 0.6
[2005/09/21] dma147
- User-interface completly rewritten for the use of smarty-templates
- hidden categories can now be shown to registered users
- added the possibility to rename categories
[2005/09/20] dma147
- release of version 0.5
- added the ability to hide categories (when clicking on the folder-icons)
[2005/09/17] dma147
- release of version 0.4
- added the display of content-type to the file-icons on mouseover
- added the import of files from the media library
- corrected the appearance of the category structure (icons)
- added the configuration for the fileicon width and height
- finished the permalink stuff (it won't work here, but it works on other apaches/blogs
so I gave up. there must be a configuration problem with *my* apache
- after *really* hard work, I finally got the display of sucategories to work!
(nested sets are really cool! ;))
[2005/09/16] dma147
- same as [2005/09/15]
[2005/09/15] dma147
- still working on the subcategories
- still working on the permalink stuff
[2005/09/14] dma147
- applied diff from Rob for the permalink stuff
- tried to get this permalink stuff to work (assuming my apache config is correct
- corrected the &quot; output in the language constants
- changed #dls to #files to prevent confusion
- added the mimetypes and icons for palmpilot files (thanks to Rob)
- started to add the display of subcategories in the filelist
[2005/09/12] dma147
- released version 0.3
- fixed the sql-statements for the postgresql database
- changed the hardcoded paths (to images) to a autodetected relative path (getRelPath())
- corrected the default paths to download- and incoming-directory
- changed addslashes() to serendipity_db_escape_string()
- added an external_plugin event hook for the download (no popup anymore when downloading!!!)
[2005/09/11] dma147
- appearing of filedate configurable
- added much better and much more fileicons
- added much more mimetypes
- modified the function for mimetype-detection
- added the configuration of the other fields from the filelist
- added german language file
[2005/09/10] dma147
- Released version 0.1 of this plugin
[2005/09/10] dma147
- Finished of uploading files through web-interface
- created user-part
- Finished of printing categories tree
- Finished of printing filelist
- Finished the downloading of files
[2005/09/09] dma147
- finished of dadding, deleting, modifying of categories
- finished of manageing files uploaded in incoming directory
- begin of uploading files through web-interface
[2005/09/09] dma147
- Started the creation of this downloadmanager plugin for serendipity