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2.1.364 Updates:
- updated to new upstream code
- legacy support is included (
- version has become a variable in order to easily upgrade on upstream upgrade (just add new directory to /sh/ directory and change the variable)
- theme and scripts directory dynamically read to retrieve all brushes and themes
- theme can be selected in admin interface
- s9y plugin authors mentioned in help window ;-)
1.5.1 Updates:
- Version number now corresponds to the actual JS script this is running
instead of the version of the plugin - this should make it easier for people
to know if they're running an older or up-to-date version.
- Descriptive text updated. I'm no longer running a modified version of the
CSS. Alex Gorbechev took most of my suggestions from the bug tracker and
fixed up his CSS.
- Author information now gives initial credit to Alex Gorbechev (core) and
then me (plugin)
- The descriptive text now tells people that the theme requires the
frontend_header, frontend_footer[/b], and optionally the
backend_preview hooks to work.