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1.22, 1.21: Changed fail2ban syntax to better parse
2011-05-31: 1.20 - added fail2ban logfile parameter
2006-12-01 Colas Nahaboo <>
Potential v1.17 version?
My changes add the following:
* Ability to connect to Microsoft Active Directory LDAP interface. For
this, one MUST issue the 2 commands:
ldap_set_option($ds,LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, 3);
ldap_set_option($ds, LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS, 0);
juste after the ldap_connect
* Ability to connect to LDAPs not supporting anonymous browsing via the 2
new config vars 'bind_user' & 'bind_password'
* Ability to use LDAPs where users are not cleanly stored in one part of
the tree, i.e., one have to perform a search with the login name on all
the subtree given in 'rdn' with an LDAP search-expression given in the
new config variable 'auth_query' with %-expansion of rdn
* Setting the s9y 'realname' field from the LDAP 'name' one in all cases
For instance in my config at ILOG,
rdn = DC=ilog,DC=biz
bind_user = CN=webcoreadreaddev,CN=Users,DC=ilog,DC=biz
bind_password = noneofyourbusiness
auth_query = (&(objectcategory=person)(objectclass=user)(sAMAccountName=%1))
I changed the files
* serendipity_event_externalauth.php for the code
* for the english descriptive text of the new 3 options
* ChangeLog.txt I added this file.