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1.24: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
1.23: Fix pagination to not show other category entries
* Fix bug with hidden config items default fallback even more, since the
category id 'cid' was not cached properly and so every new Q/A wasn't set
right by faqorder.
* Fixes some more 2.0 issues with CSS and or missing CSS classes.
* Convert frontend templates p tag usage to div
* Allow custom CSS file copies in themes - by copy to the themes root, or
included to the style or user.css files as before.
* Fix some more markup and stylings
* Touched templates in the 'alternatives' directory for Smarty3, but not
for the other new changes to the default used template files. Make your
own in comparison. Recommended default copies for custom themes are in
the root of this plugin.
* Remove bash file
* Added S9y 1.7 plain editor js file forgotten in v.1.20
* Changed to Serendipity CONST Smarty wrapper usage
* Set some more plugin consistencies
* Fix bug with hidden config items default fallback
* Refactor inspectConfig item preparation
* Serendipity 2.0+ ready markup changes
* Set plugin consistencies
* Use load language API - extends required Serendipity version to v.1.6
* Removed old Smarty2 security settings - extends required Serendipity
version to v.1.7
* Use native API method parseTemplate()
* Convert plugin template for Smarty3 usage
* Append, not prepend CSS data into eventData stream
latest: Smarty3 forward compatibility
* BUGFIX: Postgre-SQL-Error
* BUGFIX: show categories from a language
* NEW: multilingual support
* NEW: using quicksearch in faqs
* UPDATE: GUI, Templates
* NEW: reorder of FAQs and categories
* NEW: category tree
Thanks to robert from the s9y forum for the alpha/beta testing
* UPDATE: Show FAQ-Headline and Subcategory-Headline on Template
* NEW: Message if you don't have FAQ categories created
* NEW: sidebar plugin
* FIX: URL without modrewrite
* UPDATE: Templates now have a menu structure
* NEW: new/update status
* first release