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3.67: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
3.66: Fix an issue refering to Smarty2->Smarty3 changes.
3.65: Use native API method parseTemplate() for the tpl file
3.64.1: Fix a bug where related entries were shown on overview sections when
that section had only one entry
* Remove CDNs and upgrade jquery-migrate
* Minor fix for taglist
* Fix doubled encoded umlaut taglinks by searchengines backlinks.
* Added a new option to allow showing taglink entries as a linklist.
This adds a 'taglist' tag as a reserved command to tags, which not allows
this tag as a normal tag any further. The addition can be done either by the
preset taglink as "/plugin/taglist/" or manually added by certain taglinks
as "/plugin/tag/allyourtags/taglist". This needs you to modify your
templates entries.tpl file, as described in the documentation file or the
3.57: Stricter array check to prevent PHP notices
3.56: Removed obsolete language attribute. (yellowled)
3.55: Give container a unique id, add class for magnificPopup. Required for
2.x backend. (yellowled)
3.54: Fix autocomplete error message when not within entry editor page
3.53.1: Fix autocomplete of tags in 2.0
* Fixes issue #177 Freetag plugin emits “1” (mattsches)
* Fixes wrong return values, unneeded parameters, missing checks
3.52: Added additional backend markup for 2.0 backend (yellowled)
3.51: Stricter array check
3.50: Optimize autocomplete for 2.0, fixes
3.49: Repair autocomplete for 2.0
* Support serendipity 2.0 "js" event hook for autocomplete
* Do not loose tags when recreating entry
3.47: Make updertEntry not loose possible category associations
3.46: Try to get around a "is no array" error
3.45: static fixes for more PHP5 compat
3.43: static fixes for freetag<->flattr compatibility (no PHP5 error)
3.42: static fixes for spartacus generation
3.41: Declare install() method as static
3.39: Added specific is_array($eventData) chack, thanks to gregman
3.38: Added missing fieldset in case of not set admin_show_taglist (thanks to
3.37: When publishing an entry, cat2tag replacement is now even executed when
tags are empty, so that category tags will always be placed.
3.36: Fixed [tag] in one instance of HTML form field, thanks to ascger from
the forums
3.35: Change some instances of [tag] to HTML compliant %5Btag%5D,
bug report 3427291
3.34: Only use SHOW sql query for mysql
3.33: Link to https instead of http for proper backend usage on SSL-enabled
hosts, thanks to Manko10
3.30, 3.31, 3.32:
* Updated bundled tagcloud.swf from WP-Cumulus/Roy Tanck to version 1.23.
* Fixes a html injection vulnerability reported by MustLive
* Fixes a XSS issue reported by Stefan Schurtz
3.28: Allow to use ?serendipity[tag]=Tag1;Tag2;Tag3
3.27: Proper MySQL collation detection
3.26: Added is_array() chechk (Timbalu)
3.25: Fix for DB encoding
3.24: Add database encoding (MySQL), Patch by Vincent
3.23: Add whitespace/non-breaking patch,
3.22: Fix possible XSS, reported by Stefan Schurtz (SSCHADV2011-004)
3.21: Add "sort" event hook for the serendipity_event_sort plugin by lazybadger
3.20: Made tagcloud display as a smarty template "plugin_freetag.tpl". If you
want to customize that output, copy this file to your template directory
and adapt it there.
3.18: Automatic keyword detection now only works outside of html tags, so
nothing like <a href="/serendipity/"> would match 'serendipity' as a
* Added backend functionality to clean up tag assignments for non-existent
* Made submit button value in tag renaming form translatable
* Fixed a HTML syntax error in tag renaming form by using the corresponding
HTML entity
3.16: Bugfix: Meta-keywords were not shown in entries.
3.15: Removed incorrect errormessage "FATAL ERROR! Unrecognized type for
serendipity_event_freetag:: !"
3.13, 3.14: Added mb_internal_encoding() call for proper lowercasing
3.12.1: Replaced wick-based autocompletion with a jquery-plugin (cause wick
didn't work in Opera anymore)
* Add an option to select if tags will be added according to automatted
* Fixed false positives when searching for automatted keywords by changing
the search to use a regular expression
3.10.5: Catch possible errors for the tagcloud query
3.10.4: Add another "empty" check to suppress DB error notices
* Fixed missing tags in preview of saved entry in entrylist
* Fixed attaching of output in editor-preview
3.10.2: Fix false detection of extended/simple entry
* Emits related articles as unnumbered list.
* Descend one step deeper when searching related tags.
* "Related Tag" is now a p instead of a div
* Introduced extended Smarty-Markup
* Code-cleanup of displayEntry()
3.09: Fix missing escaping of variable for SQL query
3.08: When viewing articles by tag, no category restrictions are used (like
startcat plugin) (chessnut)
3.07: sure that arrays get only set when SQL succeeds
3.06: Make sure to also check for non-lowercased tags for automatted keywords
3.05: Only use flash-bg/fg colors, when flash cloud is enabled. (garvinhicking)
3.04: Added uncommented possibility to put related entries to overview
( (garvinhicking)
3.03: Add DB escaping to fetch entrytags, fix SQL duplicate LIMIT string.
(Thanks to rupa) (garvinhicking)
3.01: Optimize output, using latest SWFObject (designor)
3.0: Version fix (lstrojny)
2.51: Fixed ordering of tags when used with templates (lstrojny)
2.5: (lstrojny)
* Allow to use a Smarty template to render the sidebar
* Unified version numbers
2.105: Some Flash fixes, tag limitting, default options (RobA)
2.103: Added Flash rotating tagcloud (RobA)
2.97: Allow to place tag contents through {$entry.freetag} within smarty, when
configured. (garvinhicking)
2.96: Fix XSS when displaying related tag cloud, thanks to Alex @
2.95: Added configurable technorati image (garvinhicking)
2.92/2.45: Added configuration for XML image (brockhaus)
2.88/2.44: Added optional technorati tag links behind tags in entry footers.
2.88/2.43: Made tags min/max font size for sidebar plugin configurable, too.
2.88/2.42: Sort tags case insensitive in the sidebar. (garvinhicking)
2.88/2.41: The sidebar plugin always loaded the first X tags by tagname, not by
relevance (tagcount). So relevant tags coming too late
alphabetically didn't show up. (brockhaus)
2.70: Added possiblity for "automatted tags". These will indicate what tags to
assign to an entry when keywords are found in an entry
2.64: Added option to convert categories to tags
2.48: Config option for lowercasing, patch by Lars Strojny
2.47: Better show metastuff
* Show related Entries, patch by stain
* Make configurable where to show tags