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* Added serendipity_request_url API method
* Changed access to $entry, thanks to Ian
1.33 (mattsches)
* Fix bug when post title contains apostrophe.
1.30/31 (brockhaus)
* Compatibility fixes.
1.29 (brockhaus)
* If post was updated the location was cleared.
* Added "clear location" button, because it was not possible to clear.
1.28 (brockhaus)
* Deleting entries did not delete GeoTag db entries.
* Added support for xml-rpc event hooks.
1.27 (brockhaus)
* Now you can define different map settings for article list and single article view (bigger map i.e.)
* Use OSM instead of Google for footer maps (optional)
* Caching the footer maps implemented
* Adds geourl metatags to the HTML page header.
* Imported GeoURL plugin functionality as they are somewhat duplicate. GeoURLis obsolete now, added a warning into the configuration screen.
- Fixed: Location picker in article editor was disabled since 1.25, if location was not autofilled.
1.26 (mgutjahr)
* Added support for Openstreetmap via OpenLayers (sidebar)
* Fixed display of Google Maps and upgraded to Google Maps JS API Version 3 (sidebar)
* Fixed bug when no entries found
1.25 (gbrockhaus)
* Fixed fetching settings for map center and zoom factor
* Automatically get actual location if browser supports it
* Optionally displays a map image in article footer instead of cryptic geo coords.
* Was not able to display negative coords
* Adress finder input clears if clicked.
* Added validation of lat/lon output, thanks to SSchurtz!
Version 1.23: (by Werner M. Krauß)
* added ChangeLog File ;)
* added ability to use mod_rewrite urls without "index.php?"
* fixed error when no config values for default coordinates have been set
* added geocode: just type in an address and the plugin tries to get the correct coordinates
* map gets updated on manual change of the coordinates (hit enter)