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3.61: Added legal gdpr/dsgvo info
3.60: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
* Switch {call feedback} function to show success or error box
* Indent backend sidebar menu links markup
* Cleanup returning booleans where case expects break
3.58: & 1.25:
* Added mysqli and check for supporting mysql and mysqli only
for some guestbook backend tasks.
* Disabled sidebar plugin using the 'frontend_display' hook,
since that could throw certain errors in the nl2br plugin.
If really in need, use
$_POST['properties']['disable_markups'] = array(false);
* Fixed JS BBC button function, which changed with S9y 2.0
* Allow email now obfuscates the email link with a simple "at
dot" behaviour.
* fix missing $ for var
1.23: sidebar plugin
* fix wrong default value note
* fix IE9 list view CSS in Backend
* correct missing label in guestbook form
* make PHP 5.5/6 compat
* Added collapsible entry preview in backend entry list
* Fix admincomment and some double encode issues
* fix some more minor template and css issues
* PHP 5.4+ fix to properly call entity functions by charset
* Backported to Serendipity 1.7.0 plus
* Minor change for quotes and markup in frontend entries
* Smartified the backend even more
* Rewritten (tpl/css) for Serendipity 2.0 in backend
* Extends Serendipity >= 1.9.0
* Changed some lang constants
* Long time users may need to backup their guestbook database again
in S9y Guestbook DB Administration panel! Since this version checks the
TABLE COLUMN order to prevent a possible backup/upload issue.
* Propagate $smarty.env.staticpage_pagetitle (and the others) so that it can be used in entries.tpl
* Properly use the example() API method by returning, not echo'ing. Unimportant update.
* fixed db table guestbook, ip column to IPv6 length
* Be more strict in types for automoderate messages
* Removed trim() in strip_security()
* Removed bbc_reverse() pattern \! part
* Filter guestbook comment checks, if not in admin group
* Added constant bypass guestbook comment checks
* Added some powered by guestbook note to email in body and headers
* Added entry set auto-moderate state into email body
* Use nativ API parseTemplate() method, extends Serendipity >= 1.3
* Improved security overall
* Added bottom paginator to entry pages (both front- & backend)
* Added new option to resize backend pagination amounts
* Fixed multiple issues, eg entries homepage not showing up, while not inserted
* Lang files cleanup and added some new constants
* Bump version to propagate new .htaccess access by Spartacus
* The Frontend missed its stylesheets - sorry!
* PHP 5.4 compat fixes
* bump version to support spartacus update for guestbooks sidebar plugin update
* fixed sidebar showed unapproved entries
* update to latest css, now uses PIE in older IE
* changed internal path to var
* added some docs
* changed backend/frontend templates including changes to the backend.css from table to list style and be some more up to date
* changed config option markup internally to also set the {$plugin_guestbook_articleformat} as default(true) in frontend plugin_guestbook_entries.tpl
* changed sidebar plugin linebreak
* fixed sql alter update and remove procedure
* changed backend display to admin group instead admin only
* fixed spamblock call entry timestamp to be -8 day in past, while captchas_ttl checks normally set captchas true beyond 7 days.
* fixed backend admin entry; POST vars to form got lost in some error cases.
* changed ERROR_DATANOTAGS lang constant in <en>, <de> and <de-utf8> to support new wordfilter option.
* added new pre-filled config option to disallow plugin only filter words in entry body, which was done internally before.
* added internal var to function to support an incomplete error message properly.
* changed lang constant in <en>, <de> and <de-utf8> to better explain auto-moderation issues.
* changed documentation_en.html to explain differs in captchas check in contrast to spamblocks auto-moderation pass-through and new option 'entrychecks'.
* moved some internal vars to a better place.
* changed plugin_guestbook_backend_entries.tpl to support a moderate hidden var.
* erased moderate option in sidebar plugin, which came with v.3.21, while sidebar now extends event plugin option setting.
* rebuild sidebar <serendipity_plugin_guestbook> to support event plugins 'auto-moderation' and 'showapp option' changes.
* added lang constant in <en>, <de> and <de-utf8>.
* added new config option to allow entry set auto-moderate via spamblock plugin, if its wordfilter option is active and set to 'moderate'.
* corrected small typo in german lang files.
* tweaked some small issues in guestbook CSS file.
* added spamblock return 'moderate_comments' value, to support adding entries to non-approved; this extends guestbooks config setting.
* added tag and link checks to prevent SPAM bots reading Captchas.
* tweaked some small issues in guestbook CSS file.
* changed some PAGINATOR_* and added new ERROR_DATANOTAGS lang constant in <de>, <en> and <de-utf8>.
* removed old paginator by new one.
* changed plugin_guestbook_entries.tpl to support removed administration.
* removed adminstration features from frontend, since they are better done in backend.
* latest: Smarty3 forward compatibility.
* Changed smarty->fetch method call to be less strict to support smarty 2 to smarty3 parameter order change - removed param 4.
* Added restriction of backend functionality and administration sidebar link to admin only.
* fixed send entry to email did not show entry body properly.
* backported fake call to spamblock and other comment plugins again, which was removed in 3.20 to prevent bots capturing Captchas.
* fixed serendipity_plugin_guestbook.php to truly show approved events only if set in config.
* Fixed some minor typos and made the documentation helppage W3C XHTML conform.
* This edition adds backend administration and now supports admin moderation to guestbook entries.
* Therefor it adds a new database table field 'approve' and a new config variable 'showapp' to true or false (default is false).
* Changes will affect old entries to be set as approved.
* Updated Serendipity guestbook sidebar plugin to select these entries only to v.1.12.
* Changed and added lang constants. The lang files <en>, <de> and <de-utf8> are now up to date.
* Some small tweaks to both of the frontend tpls and some more to the stylesheet.
* Some small tweaks to frontend paginator and url building to be more friendly to mod_rewrite setting via permalink or subpage.
* This upgrade may effect individual design settings. Please make sure to have a look to your frontend tpls and the stylesheet!
* Prefix possibly missing http://, thanks to WMK
* Use headline to put into the blog title, just like static pages do
* Only hide email address for non-logged in users
* Fix bad variable usage leading to not being able to delete guestbook entries in special cases
* Fixed proper recognition to not display email addresses if configured.