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0.52: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
0.51: Append CSS to end of eventData stream
0.50: Try catch exception error to not break the flow
0.49: Fix 'array sizes are inconsistent' error with mediainsert tagged entries
and array_multisort()
0.48: Use native API method parseTemplate() (only)
0.47: htmlspecialchars fixes
* Introduce imagemagick_nobang variable for thumbnail image resizing with
Serendipity >= 2.x versions
* Better description of MAX Value constants
* Added description for max-width and max-height option setting
* Fix old bug with image resize thumb creation on both max-options = n
Part 2 of this bug was introduced in S9y 2.0 development for ImageMagick
escapeshellcmd method.
0.43, 0.44: re-add enable markup in textarea form
* Merge new xml structure "picperrow" and "hideafter" by user "nogat", 2014-08-22
* add some media gallery css
* minors for version switch
0.41: removed wrong slash in plugin_mediainsert.tpl fullimage link path
* better pdf object preview in case of used imagemagick library
* added serendipity_quickblog_image class to prevent preview borders
* reset entries_header use for 2.0 and up
* fix hardcoded thumbName check to its Serendipity variable
* added form target to
* added non-image object uploads with link/image generation via radio field,
which creates a real link instead of using the hidden quickblog tag
* removed some obsolet functions
* disabled allow_comments, moderate_comments to always take default values
* Changed default value of quickblog image size to default
$serendipity['thumbSize']. This prevents creation of another image copy
to the MediaLibrary, if not changed to another value.
* Added a description lang constant for this.
0.37: silence exif_read_data errors
* Some quoting markup fixes
* Use native parseTemplate API - extends s9y version >= 1.3
* Add 'No Category' to category selectbox
* Disable markup property plugin NL2BR in case of WYSIWYG use
* Added 2.0 markup hooked into ML upload
* Added simple wysiwyg editor to quickblog textarea
* Minor marrkup fixes
* Fix some 'Division by zero' errors and possible
* array_multisort(): Array sizes are inconsistent in blah blah errors
0.33: Fix some wrong mediainserts by CKEDITOR
0.32: fixed upload path
0.31: latest: Smarty3 forward compatibility
0.30: Remove $selected, raises a smarty exception
0.28: Passed $eventData to the plugin_mediainsert.tpl file, as
0.20: (Vladimír Ajgl)
* Added documentation.html files
* Added czech translation
* Added ability to post XML code into entries that can be used to build
galleries (PHP5 only)