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2.18: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
* Fix 2.x version checks
* Adapt backend for 2.x
* extend required version
2.16: fix a php dulicating method compat error
* prepare for Serendipity 2.0 and check for (window.Spawnnuggets)
* fix 'show_multi' option non-template file fatal error
* db table set to use UTF8 on install
* extend required version
2.14.1: use serendipity_specialchars
2.14: fixed $serendipity['author'] to be $serendipity['serendipityUser'];
2.13: Use SQL RANDOM() instead of RAND() for db type, except mysql
latest: Smarty3 forward compatibility
* Add ability to include page blocks and page templates.
* Blocks can be shown randomly on the interface panel, templates can be
used for new entries.
* Each block can use a different template.
* You can attach special blocks to an entry individually. (Garvin Hicking)