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1.24: Restrict sql index key length for utf8mb4 migration
2.03 && 1.23:
* Requirement and Consistent changes
* Use lang API
* IE CSS linklist fix
* fix ul ident for csslist and simple option
* added new config option for "CSS List" usage only,
to use a new SVG link icon by CSS (defaults true).
If set false, this will return the previous used world icon image,
which as a normal image will even work with very old and outdated browsers.
* silence cache lite non static PEAR errors on $obj->remove()
* minor preparations for the Serendipity 2.0 backend
* fix multiple dtree includements using a unique name
* add css separators
1.99.1 - use serendipity_specialchars
1.99 - compat fixes
1.98 - remove short tag occurences