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1.6.3: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
1.6.2: Fix for Smarty2 template
1.6.1: Fix form action (from "?" to "") to work under Linux
1.6: do not include serendipity.js in frame, because of
ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
1.5: Fix for enablePopup in >= 2.0
* Adapted backend markup for 2.0 backend.
* Fixed bad css float on startpage
* Fixed wysiwyg button link creator
* Removed dev-POC-dashboard plugin check
* Added new option to hide linktrimmer on backends frontpage
* Use nativ API method here - extends S9y version >= 1.3
1.1, 1.2: Static php5 function fixes
1.0: Do not show in Dashboard (POC)
0.9: Added CKEDITOR ready eventData image path
0.8: Latest: Smarty3 forward compatibility
0.7: Use latin1_general_cs charset due to lower/uppercase lookups, thanks to
0.6: Allow to be used in other plugins (danst0)
0.5: Remove unneeded die()
0.1: Initial Release. See Documentation.