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* Made jQuery-Scripts compatible to other frameworks
* Don't link to javascript when not on a singly entry
* Functionality:
* Added URL-Button to the comment-buttons
* Added hovertext to buttons
* Markup-buttons now also react if no text was selected
* Preview is now deselectable
* Performance:
* Reduced HTTP-Requests
* Reduced size of JavaScript-files
* Reduced DOM-traversing
* Ajax-call no longer gets executed twice when markup-buttons and
preview are activated
* Ajax-call uses GET instead of POST
* Added option to use inline-javascript for the parameters
* Javascript will stop if no commentform is there
* Moved JavaScript to the footer
* Added option to specify the path, making it unnecessary to
determine him dynamically
* Misc:
* lcnewbase now initialize at the right position
* Changed the way global variables were used
* Enabled use of markup-buttons when using another
plugin-directory than usual
* Upgraded jquery.elastic to 1.3, which fixes an opera-border-bug