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* Added serendipity_request_url API method
1.04: Properly use the example() API method by returning, not echo'ing. Unimportant update.
- fixed deinstall in case of empty plugin_mobile_output/ dir
(No, I did not clean up this tab mess!)
Version 1.01 (brockhaus):
* Autoinstaller for mobile templates. These are part of the plugin and
will be installed into the template folder, if not already installed.
* Added config option for an Android device template. Android devices
should now be detected and the matching template be choosen.
* Created an Android template. It looks good in the standard browser
with text=normal on my HTC Desire. Needs more device testing..
* Slightly updated the mobile and the iphone template.
* Removed / Changed the incorrect link. Now
the documentation link in the configuration is working again.
* Some code cleanup
Version 1.0 (Pelle Boese):
* initial main release.