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2.35: assign lang stripped blogTitle in genpage hook (empty search was not covered)
2.34: Added legal gdpr/dsgvo info
2.33: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
2.32: Remove s9y 2.0+ inline style for the fieldset
* Better recognize $serendipity['dbType'] query check for all supported
postgres and all sqlite versions
* Set strip_langs() method static
2.30 & 1.15 (sidebar): Fix Invalid argument supplied for foreach() error in
case the $serendipity['languages'] array is missing
(i.e. by call)
2.29 & 1.14 (sidebar): Fix config sidebar selected langs on save
2.28: Extend RSS blog title and description for lang strip
2.27: Extend blogTitle and description lang strip in the genpage hook (fixes
the email subject inclusion for example)
* Fix possible missing Smarty object init
* Add blogDescription tagged translations to 2.25
* Fix "Select language" displaying entries false same "<lang>, <lang>" links
* This also fixes the "Force full language" switch
* Fix blogTitle tagged translations for /archive page
* Fix blogTitle tagged translations for backend
2.24: Allow PCRE_DOTALL /s modifier, in case the |multilingual_lang Smarty
modifier replacement is used for content body textarea fields having
2.23 & 1.13 (sidebar):
* Load langs by lang API method - requires S9y 1.6+
* Fix some plugin inconsistencies
* Append the CSS if not already used by theme
2.22: Fix missing Smarty template vars when initiating in genpage
2.21: Fix backend form lang selected entry
2.20, 1.12:
* Minor preparations for the Serendipity 2.0 Backend
* Fix missing Smarty object init
* Fix Smarty modifier "multilingual_lang" method name
* Added more usage documentary
* Added htaccess file for documentation file readability
* Added a new OK Constant for the backend entry language switch.
This needs a change in backend templates 2k11/admin/
file with 2.0.2+. Watch out for current or upcoming changes in
* Check and error a missing entryproperties database table index
and fix a wrong set config value
* Fix the force "langswitch" variable option to properly work on click,
as long as the Browsers SESSION holds
* Posted sidebar lang selection influences backend lang ... document
* Fix 'enry_title' Smarty var not using translation with Smarty3 versions in
non-tag mode and option "Tag translation of the blog title" set true. We
need to declare this option valid for banner title translations in non-tag
mode too!
2.15: Added new "langswitch" variable to allow users forcing to switch the
frontend language based on the content language
* Added genpage event hook so that blogTitle/Description gets replaced in
other instances where entries are not fetched (i.e. 'archives')
* sidebar 1.11: Use proper "current url", thanks to timbalu
2.13: Add smarty modifier "multilingual_lang" that you can use like
{$entry_category.category_name|@multilingual_lang|@escape} in templates,
to replace possible {{...}} language variants. Also, by default parse
such language constructs in the category name.
2.11, 2.12:
* Patch to save drafts properly, by Martin Matuska, Bug #3047591
* Patch to properly detect current language, by Martin Matuska, Bug #3047600
2.10: Allow to replace category names/descriptions for the header display
2.9: Completely replace the broken regexp to use subparts now.
2.8: Another regexp for replacements, look-behind and look-ahead.
2.7: Better regexp for replacements
2.6: Fix a PHP error notice
2.5: Allow for tagged translations, see documentation. By praabjerg