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Version 1.14
Added legal gdpr/dsgvo info
Version 1.13
* Fixed wrong API endpoint for Twitter
* Fixed forgotten change to simplexml_load_string in ProviderList.php
Version 1.12
* Changed simplexml_load_file to simplexml_load_string to prevent I/O errors
Version 1.11 (brockhaus)
* OEmbed result will be ignored now, if containing error field.
* Restored twitter oEmbed to API 1, as 1.1 *does* need OAuth. :(
Version 1.10 (brockhaus)
* Updated twitter oEmbed to API 1.1, what doesn't seem to need OAuth.
Version 1.09 (brockhaus)
* Switched off errorreporting while trying to fetch oembed code
so it won't disturb output when service is down.
* Removed pixplz provider as service is down.
Version 1.07 (brockhaus)
* New: video service. podomatic podcast service
Version 1.06 (brockhaus)
* New AudioBoo resolver supporting the 3 different players of AudioBoo (configurable wich).
The old "wordpress player" is default for backwards compatibility reason.
Version 1.05 (brockhaus)
* Better handling of unparsable oembed results (like youtube links not allowed to embed).
Version 1.04 (brockhaus)
* added css for iframe videos contributed by Matthias Mees
Version 1.03 (brockhaus)
* Added a Posterous provider (mainly as an example how to write custom providers).
* Some default CSS entries. Changed embed area from span to div.
Version 1.02 (brockhaus)
* Added default css entries, changed oebed containers from span to div.
* Smarty security disabling for 1.7+ blogs only.
Version 1.01 (brockhaus)
* Added "generic providers" and
* Removed the depending definitions in providers.xml
* New providers via noembed: GitHub Commit, GitHub Gist and Beer Advocate (Yeah!) ;D
* Reverted Smarty Security Disabling (tested with 1.6/1.7 blogs)
* Supports youtube https now directly.
Version 1.00 (brockhaus)
* Initial Release, have fun! :)