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Version 1.2.3:
* Added legal gdpr/dsgvo info
Version 1.2.2
* Use PHP 5.3+ "static" function keyword
Version 1.2
* Fixed missing "realname" attribute in authentication
Version 1.0 (brockhaus)
* Delegation: Configure what OpenID version the provider is supporting (Version 1 or 2 or both)
* A little refactoring done to make code more readable.
Version 0.9 (brockhaus)
* If no user has configured his OpenID yet, there will be no OpenID login but a info about that.
* No need to enter your OpenID URL anymore, just choose the user and log in (can be switched back to old style)
Version 0.8 (brockhaus)
* Added AOL shortcut
* Added description about the shortcuts to the configuration screen.
Version 0.7 (brockhaus)
* Was not able to change users OpenID url, if logged in with another external login (like BrowserID)
* Added Google and Yahoo as shortcuts. They provide OpenID with a generic URL.
Version 0.6 (brockhaus)
* Patched OpenID library to do an autofallback, if /dev/urandom is not accessible instead of failing completely.
Version 0.5 (brockhaus)
* New PHP-OpenId lib
* Patched it with a pull request found at GitHub solving depreated problems
* Removed temp storage path from config (as no user knows what to do here) and replaced it with a templates_c path.
* A lot more documentation inside the plugin configuration.
* A lot of fixes.