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* Fix PHP7 incompatibility
* Updated translation (german), fixed some english descriptions
* Fixed encoding mail subject in blog's charset by default not ISO-8859-1
* Added debug_file option as new config string
* Also add [attach:X] syntax to text attachments, where X represents the number of the attachment (starting with 1)
that should be positioned inline
* Now able to parse HTML inline pictures and replace them with attached files
(By danst0)
* Change ereg to preg_hatcm
* Added now flag to indicate if thumbnail or full image is posted
Allow config options for Subfolder-Maildir storage and debugging.
Increase attachment duplicate counter to prevent problems when more than
one mail with attachment is received in the same second.
* Detect format=flowed
* Fix bug that did not restore "extended body" correctly for next mail,
might lead to mail mingling with next entries.
* Added ability to recognize mails send as a reply (Re:/Aw:/Wg:) to be posted as blog comments rather than entries
* Added ability to recognize the date of a mail to import
* Added ability to enabled $debug flag to log messages from cronjob outputs.
* Recognize some basic NON-Html markup (->, >>, => etc.) to be escaped.
* Remove any CR/LF inside <embed> and <object> tags, and within any HTML Tag.
* Replace HTML inside comment mails with BBCode markup
* Detect us-ascii charset as ISO-8859-1.
* Store uploaded files within a YEAR/MONTH subdirectory structure.
* Treat inline attached images to be put within the extended mailbody after the first.
Improved string decoding functions to not only work with UTF-8 <-> ISO.
Thanks to B. Tittelbach