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[Version 1.8 2010/10/11] by Ian (Timbalu)
- added highlighting static page, if not having a ['GET']['searchTerm'] REQUEST, but coming from a /search/ referrer
- changed $_REQUEST to $serendipity['GET']
[Version 1.7 2010/09/30] by Ian (Timbalu)
- added to support the wildcard(*) search which was added in core.
it will now act like a fuzzy search, if you enter an asterisk search. The search 'word*' will highlight case insensive all occurences of '%word%'.
- added the searchengine Bing (untested)
- added to config the ability to highlight search results in static pages
which are appended at the end of the search page. This does not work in the teaser itself, but inside the opened static page.
- added lang files constants <en>, <de> and <de-utf8>