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0.5.1: Fixed token generation for delete/approve comment.
0.5.0: Use tokens to classificate comments via E-Mail if the option is activated in your Blog
Caution: This feature is only available if you use Serendipity 2.1.2 or higher.
0.4.25: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
0.4.24: Added mysqli checks
* Add "IF NOT EXISTS" to sqlite-upgrade function, preventing
a php error
* Use parseTemplate method to be compatible with s9y 2.1-beta1, some
template files needed to be moved from admin/ to the root dir
* Fix mal-written case-statemens in setupdb, blocking sqlite
* Fix: Errornous setupDB() call deleted recycler
* Fix: Restoring comments from recycler deleted comment without restoring them
* Fix creation of recycler when using sqlite
* Fix mark all buttons in 2.0 backend
* Show database backend also when the database was deleted
* Proper $s9ybackend referencing
* Adapt markup for 2.0 backend (yellowled)
* Move to the correct nav section for 2.0 backend (yellowled)
* Fetch jQuery without protocol
* Fetch jquery via https
* Changed menu-order to have the recycler first
* Security: Escaped comments in backend
* Fixed error when selecting no comments in analyse-menu
* Added option to delete all comments when emptying recycler
* Added non-js-buttons in commentlist
* Smartified backend-menu
* Added pagination to database-table
* Added pagination to recycler
* Fixed "race-condition" in recycler, will now only delete displayed comments
* Recycler will now show rating of comments
* Added missing label for approval email link
* Fixed analysis-menu
* Fixed error in classification, ignored some commentcomponents
* Added menu options in import menu for troja
* Recycler will only delete selected comments (all if none selected)
* prevented external parties to fetch spamblock-database (ddos-attackvector)
* Fixed error when using safari
* Added documentation (german)
* Minor CSS-changes in extended menu
* Not saving a config won't prevent javascript from loading
* Comments marked manually as spam will be moved to the recycler
instead of being deleted instantly
* jQuery now may be part of s9y
* Changed counting of comments when importing
* Deleting and recreating the database will now create the table with
the key
* Fixed php-error when requesting all comments from an empty
* Database-performance-upgrade for making import possible
on big databases
* Reduced memory-usage of export
* Improved support for sqlite
* Added Import/Export of the database
* Protected the database-deletion with a confirm-dialog
* Added option to ignore commentfields
* Used Limit to reduce resourceusage of Analysismenu
* Changed sortorder to "newest comment first" in Analysismenu
* Fixed: Recycler got emptied when analysing a comment
* Linked Analysis from rating in commentlist
* Restored wanted order of the recycler-table
* Mitigated the effect of one spamfield if there are other clearly
valid fields in the comment (e.g. commenter's name looks like spam
but everything else is valid)
* Learn restored comments directly as ham
* Added a button to learn comments in the recycler again as spam when
emptying it.
* Added menu for analysing the ratings of a comment, showing the
the rating of each part
* Fixing restore of recyclercontent
* Upon Request: Added date to recycler
* Added a "Mark all as ham"-button to the commentpage, using
fieldsets to separate plugin-buttons from the normal ones
* Fixed possible infinite-loop when marking as spam
* Made the "mark selected as spam"-function more robust
* Upgrade: Fixed saving of old counter into the new system
* Named treatment "custom" better
* Added workaround for "empty" pingbacks
* Fixed gathering of comment-information when rating a just-entered one
(name, referrer, ip)
* Fixed confusion with names of the categories (they are different
in database than in the commentsave-event)
* Fixed styling-errors in adminarea:
* Used fixed table-layout for recycler-table
* Added missing translations
* Fixed CSS-errors regarding the controls
* Rate each element of the comment, like text and e-mail, separately
* Use UTF-8 in the database and for tokenizing
* Added button to mark all selected comments as spam
* Added menu for:
* Learn a custom comment as spam or ham
* Get an overview of and control the database-table
* Restore comments prior blocked as spam
* Added custom-mode for setting the barrier for moderation and rejection
* Mark-workflow: marking as ham approves, marking as spam deletes.
* Improved 'getComment'-SQL-Statement
* Added display of comment-rating on commentpage
* Added control-links to comment-email-notification (relying on a change in s9y 1.6)
* Bugfix: Some comments were unrateable
* Merged controls with existing commentpage
* Improved fetching of comments when learning
* Added next/previous to bottom of the menu
* Removed further unnecessary items
* Tried to clean up html
* removed unnecessary interface-items from frontend
* added loadinidicator to frontend
* Bugfix: Use of the form at the admin-frontend no longer switches to the comment-frontend
* Bugfix: php-end from lang-file removed