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Version 1.3.1
Added legal gdpr/dsgvo info
Version 1.3.0
* Make construct PHP 7 compatible
* Remove json polyfill for PHP 4
Version 1.2.9
* add a linebreak
Version 1.2.8
* Size honepot form field in case it is actually shown
Version 1.2.7
* Made it work more nice with the contactform plugin
Version 1.2.6
* Fixed the plugin constrctor to make it compatible with the plugin api.
Version 1.2.5
* AntiSpam statistics sidebar plugin.
Version 1.2.4
* Fixed: Spam log entry for wrong Captcha answer
* Truncated Captcha answer in spam log if it is longer than 40 characters
Version 1.2.3
* Fixed: If core spam plugin was not installed, the check for required fiels was rejecting trackbacks sometimes.
* Fixed: Rejecting comments having entry title as body only works for most blogs having the blogtitle as title, too.
Version 1.2.2
* Simplified settings by removing obfuscation option. This is now turned on by default.
* Fixed regular expression matching.
Version 1.2.1
* Added an option to scramble the answer string and obfuscate the generated JavaScript
Version 1.2
* Implemented a way to specify custom questions to use instead of just arithmetic problems
* Added two more methods for retrieving the correct Captcha answer
* Fixed bug occurring when Captcha answer is 0
* Improved title spam detection
* Various fixes and improvements
Version 1.01
* Added "hidden captcha", checking for bots not having JS.
* Added a few methods from standard spam plugin, that are useful still.
Version 1.00
* Extracted honeypot function from commentspice