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4.15: Override content message when 404 view is taken over by this plugin
4.14: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
4.13: IE11 backend flexbox fix (yellowled)
4.12: Adapt to 2.x backend (yellowled)
4.11: S9y 2.0 backend theming changes, marked as required version
4.09: S9y 2.0 serendipity_editor.js reference file fixes
4.08: Fix 2.0 backend template chaining
4.07.2: Fix htmlspecialchars for PHP >= 5.4
* Fix search with pdo-sqlite
* Remove doubled fetchentries-event
4.07: Propagate $smarty.env.staticpage_pagetitle (and the others) so that it
can be used in entries.tpl
4.06: Serendipity 2.0 compatibility fix for the editorbuttons (wysiwyg and
4.05: Bump version to propagate changed plugin_staticpage_related_category.tpl
4.04: Bump version to propagate new .htaccess
4.03: changed wrong place of ending form tag
4.02: Removed some & references, trying to fix issues with more recent PHP
versions and core dumps / memory corruption
4.01: PHP 5.4 compat reference fix (~L 1097)
4.00: rewrote document.write replacement (81e9911) to be more html standards
3.99: fixed disabling collapsible structure box in case of wysiwyg-editor use
3.98: Changed custom <title>, meta description, and meta keywords to be regular
fields, not custom properties.
3.97: Changed breadcrumb navigation so it is an independent option. Templates
that use custom static page templates (plugin_staticpage.tpl,
plugin_staticpage_aboutpage.tpl, plugin_staticpage_related.tpl) must be
modified to include the condition {if $staticpage_show_breadcrumb}...{/if}
See included plugin_staticpage.tpl for example.
3.96: Added last commits missing code part for the javascript hidden boxes
(Timbalu) Workaround the use of document.write() for javascript enabled
browsers. Added the need of templates index.tpl change note into forms
meta block
3.95: Fixed bad XHTML in <option> tag (Timbalu), added ability to preview
staticpages, restrict viewing draft staticpages to logged in authors;
added option to set META input fields, set structure and meta field box
to javascript hidden content (Timbalu)
3.94: Add "timestamp" field to list of editable staticpage fields
3.93: Add $serendipity['is_staticpage'] global variable to indicate if
staticpage is selected
3.92: extends 1.19: (sidebar) fixed sidebar title
* added dependency nl2br(2.14)::$isobr [NoBR] Buttons
* fixed serendipity_db_query search error output
* set smarty fetch to use nativ API - extends s9y version >= 1.3'
3.90: fixed typo and shrinked last note
3.89: note sidebar plugin availability & update (sidebar 1.18) Fixed smarty
load in backend (Timbalu)
3.88: Fixed guestbook link generation for non-rewrites (Timbalu)
1.16: (sidebar) Added smartify option (by Timbalu)
3.87: Add foreach check to prevent error
3.86: Improved 404 page handling (Manko10)
3.84: Added server "Status:" header as well
3.83: Add missing changes in backend template for selecting a staticpage as 404
error document
3.82: Add possibility to use a staticpage as 404 error document by setting the
corresponding page property
3.81: Smarty3 forward compatibility
3.80: PHP 5.3 compat
3.79: Better rename of dirs, by stm9x9
3.78: Fix properly showing stored custom properties for template when changing
a page/template
3.77: Remember selection of last backend template in a cookie
3.76: Also allow "_" and "-" in custom backend template names
3.75: Safety confirmation for deleting staticpages
3.73: Fix for PHP4 to properly display HTMLArea on default smarty template.
3.72: Fix for not being able to edit a staticpage through the frontend's Edit
3.70, 3.71: Major new functionalities:
1. Allow to create custom smarty templates used for editing a
When editing a staticpage in the backend, you now have a dropdown
where you can choose a template. The default file is placed
in the plugin's subdirectory "backend_templates". You can
add files there on your own, which are then shown in the
dropdown as well.
You can override the content of those files within your
template directory, by placing a file named exactly the same way,
in the "backend_templates" sub-directory of your template.
Thus, you can put an empty file inside your plugin
directory to initialize the ability to use a template-preference.
The default template file has several smarty functions to query
the current value and input fields. You can place all input
fields the way you like, using Smarty/HTML layouts.
You can also still switch to the "old way" through the dropdown.
2. Introduce "custom properties" for staticpages.
You need to add those custom properties to your custom smarty
template, by accessing an input field "serendipity[plugin][custom][xxx]".
The default backend template has a commented section for an
example on how to use this.
In your final smarty templates (either the staticpage_*.tpl files, or
your usual smarty template files) you can access those custom properties
to place them anywhere you want.
To properly see the new layout, you might need to flush your browser's CSS
cache, as changes have been made to the plugin's CSS file.
3.61: Speed up call for getting staticpage list and cache it. Otherwise, the
plugin was unusable for thousands of staticpages, because the
walkrecursive() function is VERY expensive.
3.57: Fix smarty function to properly interpret templates passed as argument.
3.53: new feature: add a related staticpage to a category and the opposite way
around (Stephan Manske)
3.32: (Falk Doering)
* Update formatting
* Fix pageorder setting
3.30 / 3.31: Allow to search staticpages via s9y Quicksearch (Garvin Hicking)
3.26: Allow to post/edit staticpages via bookmark URLs/wikilinks plugin (Garvin
3.24: (Falk Doering)
* Change: Pagetype 'Aboutpage' renamed to 'Overview'
* Update: german and english language file
* Update: external plugin menu
3.23: Fix: Filename of CSS backend styles
3.22: Fix: disable templates if a plugin is called (Falk Doering)
3.21: Fix: FAQ-Event now without mod_rewrite support (Falk Doering)
3.20: (Falk Doering)
* New: add FAQ-Event to sidebar
* FIX: some wrong action messages
3.19: Fix: Only show prev/next/top links when link is not empty (JWalker)
3.18: Fix: integrating contactform per subpage correct if mod_rewrite is
disabled (Falk Doering)
3.17: New: a list of plugins they can be included in the sidebar and their
status (Falk Doering)
3.16: (Falk Doering)
* Fix multilingual selection. Now you can chose a page for all languages
* Fix unused defines
* Change plugin_staticpage.tpl so that unique CSS classes are used
* Fix PHP warning when no published page was found
* split message catalog to (Tadashi Jokagi)
* Japanese translation updated. sync with en (Tadashi Jokagi)
3.14: New: Multilanguage support (Falk Doering)
3.12/3.13: Fix SQL creation statement. Again. Sorry, guys. (Stephan Sachse)
* Fix spelling error, thanks to Wesley
* Fix trailing "/" for httpPath, thanks to Michel Verdier
because they were all the same. Thanks to Tadashi Jokagi!
3.09: (Garvin Hicking)
* Fix PHP short-tags
* Fix proper use of serendipity_db_update
* Fix wrong unset variable checks (postgresql check pending)
3.08: (Falk Doering)
* Fix DB updates, blame Garvin
* New: show headline or next/prev in childpage-naviagtion
* Update: use s9y functions for update
3.07: Set default values for numerical columns, to be nice to postgreSQL.
(Garvin Hicking)
3.06: New: Include other plugins in sidebar (Falk Doering)
3.05: Change: ALTER TABLE (Garvin Hicking)
3.04: Fix: s9y version number (Garvin Hicking)
3.03: (Falk Doering)
* New Options:
* show on navigation
* show navigation
* publish status
* configure default values in Plugin-Section
3.02: Fix: English language (Garvin Hicking)
3.01: Fixed WYSIWYG editors (to properly work in non-WYSIWYG mode you need
Serendipity >= 0.9-beta3!) (Garvin Hicking)
3.0: (Falk Doering)
* New: Pagecategorys
* Default: Article and Aboutpage
* Fix: Navigation back/next
* Update: german language
* Support for Category-Image
* Support for ordering pages
2.12: (Falk Doering)
* Support display of last change and page back/next navigation
* Support display of "Edit this page" link