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1.65: Added legal gdpr/dsgvo info
1.63: Restrict sql index key length for utf8mb4 migration
1.62: Iconfont a11y fix (yellowled)
* some css fixes for prev S9y versions
* fix admin link
* 2.0 markup ready (YL)
* fix spectrum image height with 2.0
* slightly reworked last visitors
* fix for S9y version < 2.0 upgraders
* fix a permission issue
1.53: fixed db table vistors, ip column to IPv6 length
1.52: fixed some missing ending strong tags * in 2.0 other markup changes
1.51: bumb event version for serendipity_plugin_statistics sync update to 1.5
plugin 1.5 now fixes weekly stats and visitors online query with
1.50, 1.49: Made commentor URLs add http:// if missing
1.48: (kalkin)
* rewrote the botfilter. Now it's smarter.
* the graphs can be maximal 200px large
* the bar colors are now relative.
1.47: (kalkin)
* added lots of bots
* now the plugin just count each ip as an visitor at this day, not every
1.40: (Shrikee/Arnan)
* added a database table which holds daily stats.
* 2 graphs which use the data in the above table
* rewrote the bots filter
* added a config option to show only visitor stats or show everything (post
counts and such)
* option to enable or disable the bot filter
* fixed the referer register. They werent added in the database, now they
* if either $useragent, $referer or $remote_addr is empty or unknown, it's
set to unknown.