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ChangeLog: serendipity_event_wrapurl Plugin
Propagate $smarty.env.staticpage_pagetitle (and the others) so that it can be used in entries.tpl
[Version 0.9 2011/08/13] by Ian (Timbalu)
- changed css output to support newline breaks in serendipity.css (more a cosmetic change)
[Version 0.8 2010/12/02] by Ian (Timbalu)
- added styleable id, to be individual to every single used wrapurl event, like "plugin_wrapurl_PAGETITLE" eg. #plugin_wrapurl_name1 { /* your css notation */ }
This fixes the individual height setting, which did not work correctly in 0.7 taking always the last occurance of serendipity_event_wrapurl plugin
- changed surrounding table around iframe to a styleable div tag in plugin and your individual template css-file (optional)
- changed lang <en> file to support changes