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Version 1.60:
* Added stub wp.getProfile dummy API function
Version 1.59:
* Added stub wp.newPage dummy API function
Version 1.58:
* Added stub wp.deletePage dummy API function
Version 1.57:
* Added stub wp.editPage dummy API function
Version 1.56:
* Added wp.getCommentStatusList API function
Version 1.55:
* Added wp.getPage API function (with empty response though, not supporting staticpage yet)
Version 1.54:
* Added wp.getPosts API function
Version 1.53:
* Implement a kind of DOS protection, courtesy to a Drupal/WordPress commit:
Version 1.51 (brockhaus):
* Support for system.multicall patched into the XMLRPC library.
* dateModified attributes (delivered by WP) supported.
Version 1.50:
* ifttt fix: Some clients send tags as arrays instead of csv's. Now we accept that, too.
Version 1.49:
* Fixed update comment. Tested as working on iPhone client.
Version 1.48:
* Added many compatibility fixes while testing with the WP Blackberry Client.
Version 1.47:
* Enhanced the interface with WordPress RPC calls.
* Info about RPC caller URL in config, some configurations.
* Medialibrary directory for media uploads configurable
* Define spam events: Signal ham and spam to AntiSpam plugins supporting it.
Version 1.45:
* Catch empty timestemps, thanks to TimNiceBut
Version 1.44:
* Fixed unrequired output when setting categories, thanks to
Version 1.43:
* Added default posting category
Version 1.41:
* Added Patch by TimeNiceBut to add mt_suppoertedMethods API call
Version 1.38
* Bug #1931794: Better base64 detection
Version 1.37 (garvinhicking)
* Bug #1922509: Respect MT API for base64 encoded attachments, patch
by Sven Herzberg
Version 1.36 (garvinhicking)
* Bug #1904377: Respect GMT, patch by Mike Tyson
Version 1.33 (brockhaus):
* Produced not validating (and wrong) link tag. Changed attribute
url to href.
* While updating entries without defining a new date, the old
publishing date will be used instead of refreshing the date
each time.
Version 1.32 (brockhaus):
* $serendipity['xml_rpc_default_moderate_comments'] didn't work :-/
Version 1.31 (brockhaus):
* Header was sent twice in some situtations resulting in wrong XML
* Convert HTML entities in entry titles to normal utf-8 characters
while saving entries.
* Defaults for allow allow_comments and moderate_comments
configurable in
$serendipity['xml_rpc_default_allow_comments'] = true;
$serendipity['xml_rpc_default_moderate_comments'] = false;