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* Collect all tweets of a day/week/whatever of the blog owner
into one article and publish it dayly/weekly/whatever
* "check tweetback" link should add new tweetbacks immediately
* Link twitter accs with s9y accs. Only s9y autors linked to a
twitter acc should be able to create tweets with that acc.
* Twitter announcements/credentials etc. per author instead of
only per central blog
Added legal information for gdpr/dsgvo
* Fix PHP7 incompatibility
* Added serendipity_request_url API method
* Fix emitting the backend nav link twice (yellowled)
* Emit the twitter timeline header at the proper place in the markup,
including a CSS fix and making it more flexible for markup changes
in 2.x (yellowled)
* Fixed a markup bug for twitter timeline (yellowled)
* Adapted backend markup ( for 2.0 backend (yellowled)
* Fixed a typo in the English lang file (yellowled)
* Added int-casting to str_repeat() to prevent PHP notice
* Added additional backend markup (backend_display) for 2.0 backend (yellowled)
* Moved backend menu item to proper backend nav section (yellowled)
* Adapted to due to Twitter
enforcing SSL now (well, they could have done a redirect to be nice
to people, but...)
1.51 (mattsches)
* Switched tweetback search to API 1.1
* Added empty $entries, $validated_entries, $highest_ids checks to avoid foreach errors
* Some extended whitespace, tabs and other minors cleanup
* Bump version to propagate new .htaccess in Spartacus sync and mirrors
* Static PHP5 fixes
1.47 (brockhaus)
* Added API token functionality for announcing articles via
1.46 (brockhaus)
* Check tweetbacks (search) converted to API 1.1 (optional). You need to choose an OAuth acc handling the search.
* Already implemented OAuth function will call API 1.1 instead of API 1.0 now.
* Sitebar plugin, PHP version, optional uses Twitter API 1.1 with OAuth now.
* Tweeter hides URL shortener functionality now if URL shortener is set to "uncompressed".
* Added new URL shortener:
1.43 (brockhaus)
* Announce article: check for real URL lenght, as twitter makes it longer sometimes.
* Tweeter: Count chars directly after a short URL was added. Counts URLs as twitter URL length always.
* Article announcement with "uncompressed" urls did not work very well.
1.42 (brockhaus)
* Followme widget hat a " too much (thanks to Matthias Mees)
* Auto tagging of article announcements was still not working correctly always
1.41 (brockhaus)
* Auto tagging of article announcements was not working correctly always
1.40 (brockhaus)
* PHP 5 required (garvin)
* Simplyfied twitter oauth connect. The plugin uses one client for all blogs (you only have to connect). Can be overridden with an own client still.
* Tweeter: Doesn't show timeline changer anymore, if timeline is switched off in configuration. Was too confusing.
* Added geo location to announcement tweets: If the geotag plugin is installed and geo coords are added when publishing, the plugin will send them to twitter and / or identica. To see them, you have to enable location based tweets/dents in your profile.
1.39 (brockhaus)
* Fixed Tweetback check, removed backtweet completely (as the service is gone)
* Fixed shortener and added version, removed and (not working any longer).
* Tweeter: Supports more than one twitter account now
* Article announce: Was able to announce to first twitter acc only, no matter what was configured.
* Added optional twitter followme widget to the sidebar plugin
1.38: Link shortener lookup creation patch by danst0, deprecate border=0
1.37: If url truncation fails, silently discard
1.36: Changed twitter link to new API, thanks to matthias2
* Added missing blank before 'class' parameter, thanks to shadowm
* Patch by danst0: Try to properly detect tweetbacks if the
twittersearch says so
* Allow to utilize linktrimmer plugin by danst0 (TODO:
Needs some work, see 'TODO' in classes/UrlShortener.php)
* Properly convert twitter INT to string, to prevent Status-IDs like
* Added German translation for the new option for default setting of "Announce article"
* Added new option for default setting of "Announce article"
* Fix bad Twitter link to a tweet in PHP mode
* Improve XHTML
* When twitter username contains a "_" properly update
cache reference for Tweet display (only when using "PHP" format)
1.27 (brockhaus)
* Tweeter was showing invalid status links in twitter mode.
1.26 (Garvinhicking)
* Changed tweetid db storage from 15 to 20 chars, because it
was already overflowing. Thanks to Matthias2.
1.25 (Garvinhicking)
* When announcing with freetag tags, properly shorten out spaces
in tags, without stripping characters (thanks to danst0)
1.24 (garvinhicking)
* Fix for returning September instead of October in dates
* XHTML compliant <ul><li/></ul>
1.23: (rasch,garvinhicking)
* Twitters OAuth authentication
1.21: Fix parse error
* Only show option to suppress announces when configured.
1.18 (brockhaus)
* FIX: Tweet This buttons always requestet short urls again
instead of fetching them from local DB. Slowed the blog
down a lot!
1.17 (brockhaus)
* FIX: In some s9y installations the plugin continiously
saved the same tweetbacks again and again.
* removed snipr service as it doesn't support creating
shorturls w/o an account anymore.
1.16 (brockhaus)
* Finaly found the problem producing the white page / 500
error. Thanks to a sandbox installation given to me by
Silvio Kunze. THANKS!
* Updated the sidebar plugins default css a little to make
it look nicer.
1.15 (garvin)
* removed depreciated split() code.
1.14 (brockhaus)
* Overworked the tweetback moderation again. Now it should
work as intended.
* FIX: Reported warnings while saving, if backtweet was used
straiht from the beginning. (cmscritic reported this)
* FIX: Backtweet search didn't save the last highest ID.
For luck this was only a little performance problem.
1.13 (brockhaus)
* Better tweetback png check urls (contributed by ruben)
* The old tweetback search is optionaly only executed in full
article view.
* Tweetback moderation did not work as configured.
1.1x (brockhaus)
* Optionaly add short url to each articles footer.
1.12 (brockhaus)
* Added support! Now the search for tweetbacks
is a lot more efficient and even produces more search
results by supporting user short urls.
* One global search for tweetbacks using backtweets instead of
one for each article. Huge performance win and *all* articles
will be checked.
* The event plugin now emits CSS for the sidebar plugin to
look good. The sidebar plugin can't do it itself.
* Sidebar plugins cachefile deleted after saving
configuration in order to reflect new settings.
* Tweetbacks will be loaded oldest first, so they are in
correct order if more than one is found.
* Added optional moderation of tweetbacks.
* 2 different tweet filters: Filter all tweets starting with @
or containung @ (sidebar)
1.11 (brockhaus)
* FIX: Tweet backup didn't work anymore because of int
overflow in the database. :-(
* FIX: Sidebar was not realy stackable with different accs.
(only one cachefile was defined)
* FIX: First time loading of sidebar with installed event
plugin reported wrong "Twitter not accessable".
* Optional: Sidebar plugin displays only tweets/dents to
all (only for PHP version available)
* Disable backup, if in identica mode (this was never
* Password inputs are now displayed as such with newest s9y
version from CVS.
1.10 (brockhaus)
* Extended Article Attributes: special tags, announce yes/no
* Doesn't announce future entries anymore.
* If an article is deleted, the tweetback history is
deleted, too.
* default announce format now doesn't change after
upgrading (sorry yellowled ;))
* Exchanged " this" buttons with "IDENT THIS".
Looks nicer near the "TWEET THIS" button.
1.09 (brockhaus)
FIX: dent_this URL smartified didn't work..
* Nicer dent_this buttons.
1.08 (brockhaus)
* TweetThis buttons may now be added via template. The plugin
emits only url_tweetthis and url_dentthis. In that way
textlinks are possible, too.
* TweetThis target=_blank optional
1.07 (brockhaus)
FIX: JS Version of sidebar plugin didn't work.
* !Group linking for timeline (PHP version only)
* Announcing of articles may now freely formated with more
infos like autor and stuff
* TweetThis / IdenticaThis button below articles.
There is a new configuration tab for this!
1.06 (brockhaus)
* Tweetbacks in non UTF8 blogs were saved as UTF8 and didn't
look good..
* Warning inside of the sidebar plugins configuration if the
event plugin was not installed yet. Too many people were
confused about "missing options".
* Removed debug output on static pages. Thanks yellowled for
* "check tweetback" link now apears on entries without footer,
too. (thanks RobLen for reporting the problem).
1.05 (brockhaus)
FIX: Lost PHP4 compatibility while tweetback checking :-/
1.04 (brockhaus)
FIX: Code cleanup prevented plugin to search for tweetbacks on
new articles. The "check tweetback" link didn't work for
the same reason. :-(
1.03 (brockhaus)
* Tabbed configuration
* Mutliple accounts (twitter, Easy changing
of accounts in Backend Tweeter Client
* Cleaned up code a lot
* Removed "needs PHP5" in description for tweet backup, as
it doesn't anymore.
* Article announcement now possible using twitter and/or identica
* added as URL shortener
* Fix: Tweetbacks containing "&" where saved with "&amp;"
* Fix: "ignore my tweeds" while tweetback adding didn't work,
if the acc was written in wrong case.
* Fix: Tweetback fetching PNG produced problems on *some* static
page installations.
* Doesn't save or load corrupted short urls anymore. "Error" short
urls will be deleted when saving configuration.
* Removed "Umlaut" counting, because it doesn't seem, that twitter
counts that strict (also they say so in the API doc)
* Retweet, Reply and DM links.
1.02 (brockhaus)
* Made it better working with non UTF-8 blogs.
(announcement and twittertweeter were involved)
* Some PHP installations had a strtotime function not able
to evaluate twitter time strings. Now they are "reparsed"
to something working. (tweeter showing "42 years ago" for
* Completed German translation (I hope ;))
* Changed requirements for sidebar plugin down to php 4.0.1
* "check tweetbacks" was only visible for logged in users.
But the URL itself was executable for anyone. (well, the
URL was very hard to guess at least.. ;-))
* Optional save profile url or web url given by the twitter
user as tweetback url instead of the url of the tweet.
* Decide, if you want tweetbacks to be saved as comments or
* Counts chars no matter if they produce more than
one char while sending the update. (German Umlaute i.e.)
* It was impossible to tweet "&".
1.01 (brockhaus)
* Fix: json class was included twice
* Fix: HTTP_Request class was not found always
* added It has the same benefits like
but it's URLs are shorter.
* added
* PHP version didn't work if the event plugin was not
installed, too. It always (false) reported, that twitter
is not accessible at the moment.
1.0 (brockhaus)
* Added JSON Class for PHP4 jsondecode().
* Added optional "follow me" link below tweets in sidebar
* Added class and div tags to the sidebar plugin in order
design it more easy using css.
* Removed local blogger.js (and configuration), as it was
already outdated!
* PHP Version: Made HTML code more compatible to the twitter
JS widget.
* PHP Version: Replaced written links with an html link
* PHP Version: Added links to the userprofile where @name
is found.
* Replaced simplexml with json code in order to make it
PHP4 compatible
* Caching Dateformat was dependend on the visitors country
who triggered the caching! Japanese Dates shown up at my
German blog.. :)
* Caching of twitter timeline is done in the background, if
event_twitter is installed, too. This won't block the blog
when twitter is blocked (for maintenance i.e.)
* Tweetback check functionality.
* Announce articles on twitter.
* Implemented db cache for shorturls
* Merged TwitterTweeter plugin into the event plugin,
cleaned it up and enhanced it a little.
Remove block level element in blogger.js for JS compatibility
Use utf8-decoding, when charset is not UTF-8
* Support for (more Services are now easy to implement)
* Allow creating backups of your tweets.