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Javascript backend for displaying entries on external websites


simply add a "<script src=[URL]></script>" to your external website 
at exactly the place, where the entries should appear.

You also can use CSS to change the look of these shown entries. There
exists three css-classes, which can be used.
Please take a look into the example-file "backend.html" in this directory.

Note: You can add as many "<script src=[URL]></script>", maybe with 
different options to your external website as you want.

[URL] should be something like:[BACKEND_URL]?[OPTIONS]

Where [BACKEND_URL] is the name which you've entered in the 
plugin-configuration in your blog-administration.

[OPTIONS] can be everything as shown below:


There are several options you can give with the script-url on your external website 
to affect the looking of the shown entries:

details		1|0				- Shows either only the headlines or the whole entry (without extended body!)

category	[catname]		- If set, only entries of this category will be shown, if not set, entries of all
							  categories will be shown

categoryid  [N]             - You can also restrict by category name instead of ID
authorid    [N]             - Set to the ID of an author to filter entries by

num			[N]				- if set [N] entries will be shown, if not 10 entries will be shown

order		ASC|DESC		- sorting order of the entries (by creation date)

date		1|0				- if set to 1, the creation date will be shown

dateformat	[formatstring]	- uses the provided formatstring to show the date (php-function date())

time		1|0				- if set to 1, the creation time will be shown

timeformat	[formatstring]	- uses the provided formatstring to show the time (php-function date())

point		[string]		- uses the provided string as first part of the headlines.
								  can be used to create a list (<li>), or similar.

The following will show up to 30 headlines, with date and time and the point "*" and only from category "s9y"
	<script src="*"></script>
The following will show the whole entries as they are shown on the blogs mainpage. 
	<script src=""></script>