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Serendipity 'Comics' Plug-in
by Wesley Hwang-Chung, version 1.3

This plug-in enables you to post webcomics in your blog. The
latest comic will show up on the front page. Each comic page
gets a navigation link to first, previous, next, and last comics
(if they exist). The style for the navigation links is defined
under ".serendipity_comics". Add this class to your template
to customize.

You can control whether the past comics will show up on the
front page as regular entries or not. If you post lots of comics
it may look better to have them not showing up.

Title for the comic is shown in "Latest Comic : (date)" format.
You can choose to hide this. The comic on the front page is
output in raw form without any markups or styles by default for
optimal showing of the graphics. You can choose to apply markups
to make it look like a normal entry if you want.


1.3: Potential parameter-related bug fixed
1.2: Moved up the navigation links above 'Posted by...' line when
     viewing individual entries to keep visual consistency.
1.1: Initial Release