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The "Community Rating" Plugin

Basically, this plugin only provides an API - a collection of functions you can enter
into your Serendipity Smarty templates.

File preparations

You will need the rating image files. They are bundled with this plugin within the "img/"

Copy those files into the "img" directory of your current template!

The backend

This plugin allows you to create a rating for any item you like. This example with use
ratings for Movies, based on IMDB links and an ID of the item you rate.

When you've installed the plugin, go to your Administration Panel and create a new entry.
Look at the section on the bottom of the page, where it reads "Community Rating".

There you have a dropdown selection panel, where you can add product types ("IMDB", "Product",
...) and can enter your rating. You can add multiple types and ratings for a single entry.

The ratings you store are your personal rating, and stored within your
serendipity_entryproperties database panel.

Now that we've stored this rating, you surely want to display that information to the user.
For that, we need to modify our template files.


The API functions only make sense within your entries.tpl template of your currently used

Go and edit that file, and look at the HTML in front of you. You'll first need to choose
a place, where you want to display your product rating.

A good place for the new code is below this code:

            <div class="serendipity_entry_extended"><a id="extended"></a>{$entry.extended}

This line of code is reponsible to print the extended entry body of your article. Displaying
your rating below that, seems like a good thing to do.

Now to display your own rating of an IMDB movie, insert this piece of code:

{communityrating_show data=$ type="IMDB"}

This function call will give the required voting data ("data") to a template ("IMDB") and
displays your own rating on the page.

You can also show rating informations from other people who use this plugin. You can do that
with this call:

{communityrating_show data=$ type="IMDB" who="garvin" url="http://myfriend/index.php?/plugin/communityrating"}

Via the "who" and "url" parameter you enter the URL of your friend. You can of course place any amount
of calls to the {communityrating_show} function you like.

Community Rating templates

Depending on which item type you show (IMDB, Product, ...) and the person from which you're showing the data,
specific templates can be deployed.

By default the plugin provides simple templates that show stars as rating indicators.

The template files are called like "communityrating_IMDB.tpl" or "communityrating_IMDB_garvin.tpl".
The first indicator ("_IMDB") is the type of your product. The second indicator ("", "_garvin") is the name
of the displayed user. So you can customize the look of any foreign votings per user!

RSS Feeds

You can embed the rating information in your RSS feeds as well. Use the same API function
calls within your feed_*.tpl RSS templates. And append a parameter "escaped='true'" like this:

{communityrating_show data=$ type="IMDB" escaped="true"}

Steps for adding a new type

1. Configure the Community Rating plugin. Edit the field which holds the current list of
   Types. Add your type at the end, seperated by ",". Only enter names as Type without
   special characters.

2. Copy the img/stars_XXX_(full|half|zero).png files so, that you have new image files for
   your type. So if you added the new type "Babes", your images must be called
   "stars_Babes_full.png", "stars_Babes_half.png", ""stars_Babes_zero.png"

3. Add a new template file "communityrating_Babes.tpl" file in either your plugin or
   template directory. Adjust the file to suit your needs.

4. Edit your entries.tpl template file. Insert a line like this:

    {communityrating_show data=$ type="Babes"}

Steps for adding a new community partner

1. First, make sure your community partner has installed this Serendipity plugin. Make
   sure you have the URL to his site.

2. Add new template files for each type you want to show within the community. Say you
   want to show your partner's IMDB ratings, and his name is "garvin", you'll need to
   have a file like "communityrating_IMDB_garvin.tpl".

3. Edit your template's entries.tpl file. Insert a line like this:

    {communityrating_show who="garvin" url="http://garvin/index.php?/plugin/communityrating" data=$ type="Babes"}