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Serendipity 'HTML Nugget on Page' Plug-in
by Wesley Hwang-Chung, version 1.5

This plug-in inserts an HTML nugget on top or bottom of the page,
or inside the page's HEAD tag. By using this plug-in, you can put
stuff like banner ads on the pages by default, or have customized
META tags in the HEAD tag, all without having to modify TPL files.

This plug-in merges the capabilities of the following plug-ins:
'HTML Nugget on Page Top' (serendipity_event_topnugget)
'HTML-Code inside head' (serendipity_event_head_nugget)

Users of any of the above plug-ins should consider switching to
this plug-in instead.

Big thanks to Garvin Hicking. The code was originally based on
HTML Nugget plug-in and Links to Next/Previous Entry plug-in.

1.9: Added support for three new languages in s9y 0.9
1.5: Small cleanup
1.4: Added 'End of the page' (s9y 0.9 or higher req'd) and
     'Footer for the article' options
1.3: Added option of entering title for differentiating between
     multiple nuggets
1.2: Added specific-language display choice
1.1: Rewritten from scratch to support head/top/bottom placement.
     Dropped 'Top' moniker from the name to reflect changes.
1.0: Initial Release