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Created by John Mann 09/06/2005 |

-=Shoutcast Sidebar Plugin v1.0=-
This plugin connects to a shoutcast server and retrieves the information from it
for display in the Serendipity sidebar.

Drop the folder serendipity_plugin_shoutcast into your Serendipity plugins
directory. In your Serendipity administration, go to manage plugins, and choose to
install a new one. It should be listed under "Shoutcast" if you have it in your
plugin folder before going to the list. Click on the install icon, and you will be
asked to configure it. Option descriptions are listed below. Be sure to relocate
the plugin to the order you want it on the main plugin manager, and enjoy!

-=Options (once installed)=-
1. Title - defines what will display at the top of your Shoutcast Sidebar section.
           You could put things such as "My Radio" or something similar.
2. Server - defines the server's address. localhost,, or
            are all valid examples of what to put here.
3. Port - defines the port at which to connect to the shoutcast server. Shoutcast
          servers default to port 8000.