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Contributing to sCrypt

Loving sCrypt and want to contribute? Thanks! There are many ways you can help sCrypt and Bitcoin.

Below are guidelines to help you get some ideas on where to start. They aim to making the contribution process straightforward and effective. If you need more ideas on what to contribute, please reach out at Slack.

Repo Descriptions

All repositories are listed at scrypt-sv.


This repo provides a testing framework for sCrypt projects. Search for TODOs on what is missing to get started.


This repo contains a fork of bsv library to specialize in script processing. You can start by merging latest updates from upstream repo. Also existing changes need to be polished and tests fixed.


This repo acts as a sCrypt project boilerplate. You can start by adding more contracts and tests.


This repo contains the full specification for the sCrypt Language. You can start by proofreading and adding more example contracts.


All contributed code will be open source and licensed under MIT.