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A better AngularJS service to help with breadcrumb-style navigation between views.

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This project was built using ng-boilerplate!

Step 1: Install ng-breadcrumbs

Install using Bower:

bower install ng-breadcrumbs --save

Include ng-breadcrumbs.min.js in your app.

Step 2: Set up routing

In order to use breadcrumbs you'll need to use configure your app to use Angular's routeProvider. You'll also need to load the ng-breadcrumbs module. You can then set a label for each route (breadcrumb) within the route options.

  var app = angular.module('ab', ['ngRoute', 'ng-breadcrumbs'])
    .config(['$routeProvider', function($routeProvider) {
        .when('/', { templateUrl: 'assets/template/home.html', label: 'Home' })
        .when('/stock/:stock', { controller: 'StockController', templateUrl: 'assets/template/stock.html' })
        .when('/stock/:stock/detail', {
          controller: 'StockDetailController',
          templateUrl: 'assets/template/stock-detail.html',
          label: 'More Detail'
        .otherwise({ redirectTo: '/' });

Step 3: Make the breadcrumbs service available to your controller

Set the breadcrumbs service in your app's main controller.

  app.controller('HomeController', [
    function($scope, breadcrumbs) {
      $scope.breadcrumbs = breadcrumbs;

Step 4: Display the breadcrumbs within your app

This HTML snippet will display your breadcrumb navigation and leave the last breadcrumb (the page you're currently on) unlinked.

  <ol class="ab-nav breadcrumb">
    <li ng-repeat="breadcrumb in breadcrumbs.get() track by breadcrumb.path" ng-class="{ active: $last }">
      <a ng-if="!$last" ng-href="#{{ breadcrumb.path }}" ng-bind="breadcrumb.label" class="margin-right-xs"></a>
      <span ng-if="$last" ng-bind="breadcrumb.label"></span>

That's it! You should now have breadcrumb navigation that can even handle nested routes.

Adding dynamic route labels

To add dynamic route labels, create an options object on the breadcrumbs service or pass one as a parameter within breadcrumbs.get(), for example:

// Will replace the default label 'Stock Detail' with the dynamic label 'AAPL Details'
breadcrumbs.options = { 'Stock Detail': $routeParams.stock + ' Details' };

I hope you find this useful!



A better AngularJS service to help with breadcrumb-style navigation between views.




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