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Translations for sFTP Client / sFTP Server
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sFTP App Ltd
sFTP App Ltd


Modern File Transfer Client / Server Designed for Everyone!

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If you'd like to contribute to our transations and help us ensure our apps read correctly in your language, follow the instructions below to get started:

  • Simply fork our repository to your own GitHub account.
  • Make the changes required using your favourite IDE or use the Github online editor.
  • Commit your changes to a new branch (e.g. update/fr).
  • Create a Pull Request

Once a pull request has been submitted, we'll review the your changes and merge them in, once merged we'll create a new release and the latest release will be included in our app.

New Translations

As our app gains new features, improvements, and once additional content is translated, we'll have new keys with translations (by default these are auto populated by Google Translate). When we generate our translations we only ever add new translations we never overwrite existing keys or values.


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