PebbleBuild is a tool for building pebble projects in Travis CI.
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pBuild for Travis-CI

Build Status

PebbleBuild is a tool for building pebble projects in Travis CI. It is really useful when using the Pebble SDK.


  1. To install pBuild, copy .travis.yml,, and to your pebble app's github repository. Make sure the two .sh files are marked executable, using git update-index --chmod=+x if necessary.
  2. Then go to travis, go into your repoditory (in Travis) and go to Settings -> Settings and into Enviromental Variables.
  3. Add new enviromental variables: PEBBLE_SDK=pebble-sdk-4.4.1-linux64 (this is the pebble sdk version to use for compilation) and check "Display value in build logs", and PEBBLE_PROJECT_PATH=[RepoOwnerUsername]/[RepoName]/[PebbleProjectPathinRepo] (Only add the PebbleProjectPathinRepo if needed). Example: PEBBLE_PROJECT_PATH=sGerli/pBuild (this one is case sensitive) and check "Display value in build logs"


  • Pebble Analytics are on for default. If you want to disable it in modify the 9th line and change touch ~/.pebble-sdk/ENABLE_ANALYTICS to touch ~/.pebble-sdk/NO_TRACKING


  1. If a resource is not found, check its path because it's case sensitive.
  2. If you get any other build script error add an issue.
  3. If you get an abnormal error, send a email to


  • Stefano Gerli (@sGerli)
  • Ben Combee (@unwiredben)
  • Josh Austin (@nonproftechie)


pBuild is based on Sawyer Pangborn's travis-ci-pebble