Dataset accompanying ICSWM '17 paper on Perceived Trustworthiness of Host Profiles
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Dataset accompanying ICSWM '17 paper on A Computational Approach to Perceived Trustworthiness of Airbnb Host Profiles (full citation below)

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0.



  • HostProfile4180.csv
    • host_id: the original Airbnb host id
    • host_about: the raw text portion of Airbnb host profile
    • ability, benevolence, integrity: different dimensions of perceived trustworthiness, as measured by Ma et al 2017, CSCW
    • trusworthiness: the average of ability, benevolence, integrity; our main dependent variable
    • dataVersion: 'a' for data obtained from previous dataset; 'b' for new data obtained in this work